Learn Affiliate Marketing Online in 14 Days with Expert Coach

Would you like to learn affiliate marketing online, in two weeks, in a live case study with an expert coach?

If your answer is yes, this article is for you. 

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I invite you to join our community for free, to be able to attend the 14-day course (for FREE) that will walk you through the process from A to Z in affiliate marketing. 

Classes consist of approx one hour each day for 14 days.

You can join the chat group an hour before the class begins and interact with other students.

You can join the live chat to ask questions at the end of each session.

Who is the Course for?

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to start their own business and get an overview of the work it entails to achieve success. 

Do not miss out!

The 14-day live case study is by an expert coach in this field. 

Details of the Course

Course Title: Research to Profits Step-by-Step

Duration: 14 days LIVE 

Course Dates: 18-31 Oct 2021 PDT Time 5:00 PM (19 Oct-1Nov CET 02:00 am)

Class: approx 45min-1hr each followed by live Q & A with the expert host

Host: Jay Neil

Goal: Build your niche website from scratch

The course covers the following topics;

Day 1: Niche Research – brainstorming to find a viable, lucrative niche

Day 2: Affiliate programs – how to find programs to promote

Day 3: Keywords – find keywords that bring you sales

Day 4: Build your website

Day 5: Tracking of who´s visiting your website

Day 6: Social Media setup

Day 7: Writing content that people enjoy reading

Day 8: Content Strategy – plan your writing

Day 9: Content Creation Calendar

Day 10: Writing your 1st blog post

Day 11: Writing your 2nd blog post 

Day 12: Build and grow your Social Media

Day 13: Outsource work

Day 14: 3rd blog post by writer

Feedback of Day 1 of the Course

Here is some feedback after the first session.


Learn Affiliate Marketing Online – Pricing

The 14-day live sessions course is available for 0 USD (zero dollars).

How do I enroll? 

Follow these simple steps:

  • Join our affiliate marketing community for free. Create an account here
  • Enroll in the Research to Profits 14-day live case study. 
  • Show up every day. Take as many notes as you can, chat with other students, ask questions after the live sessions. 
  • Use your free membership to deep dive into this wealth of information and knowledge. 

What Happens When The Course Ends? 

You have the following two options:

  1. Stay on board, continue learning and interacting with experienced and successful members of the community. Enrol for one month at a special price. During this time, you also have the opportunity to start building your own business online.
  2. Go on with Life. You decide affiliate marketing is not for you, walk away with the knowledge gained from this course. No commitment, whatsoever.

14 Day Challenge Affiliate Marketing

So, are you convinced to take this 14-day challenge and start your own online business? This course covers all you need to know to start and grow your business online.

If you follow the course carefully and take notes, you will be able to choose a niche according to your interest, build a website, market it to attract traffic, and start selling.

Then you rinse and repeat.

TIP: Dedicate time to learn as much as you can during the 14-day free trial

Best of luck, and enjoy the course.

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