NeoLife MLM Review 2023| Make Money Promoting Wellness

Do you want to get involved with NeoLife and be a part of its success story? Read to find out about one of the largest MLM companies in the health and nutrition regime.

The health and nutrition industry is, without a doubt, one of the most lucrative businesses today.

We’re all aware of the recent surge of interest among people to invest or join the industry, and that is precisely the reason why we have reviewed NeoLife in this article, offering precise insights into the opportunities the company provides and how beneficial they truly are.

Who is NeoLife?

Founded in 1958, NeoLife is a global network marketing company launched by Jerry Brassfield after he saw promise in direct selling. The company, with its extensive line of vitamins and supplements, aims to improve the well-being of its customers.

From heart to digestion and everything in between, NeoLife addresses health issues with natural, non-toxic ingredients.

NeoLife is a part of GNLD and used to be known as Golden NeoLife Diamite International before they decided to rebrand it to NeoLife. The company began its journey with a product named Formula IV, the first nutritional supplement based on whole food, as claimed by its official website

The headquarters of NeoLife is in Los Angeles, but its operations run in many countries across the world. As an MLM company, NeoLife offers business opportunities besides its products and services.

Having studied the company’s business models and operational procedures, we honestly don’t think that they are a scam.

They have been in the business for long enough and have earned the trust of millions of customers as well as distributors along the way. You can join the company as a distributor and earn a significant commission by reselling their products.

But is it really worth it? You are about to find out.

What Are NeoLife Products?

NeoLife offers a massive line of nutrition supplements and vitamins.

Their products can be categorized into several sections, including

  • core products,
  • skincare,
  • home care products,
  • weight management, and more.

Their best-sellers include NeoLifeBar, NeoLifeShake, Acidophilus, CoQ10, etc.

How Do I Join NeoLife?

If you are looking to make money through the company, NeoLife offers ample business opportunities. You can sign up as a distributor or sponsor new business partners for the company. Note that your commission would largely depend on which product you choose to sell, ranging from 3% to 20%.

If you are willing to sign up for NeoLife’s MLM program, you will have to count $49. You can also become a member by purchasing a kit from the company. The available kits are:

● Builder Kit ($40)

● Manager kit ($785)

● Senior manager kit ($1530)

While you decide which kit to get, note that the more you invest, the more you will make. However, we would recommend that you start small. You can begin your career at NeoLife as a distributor and eventually climb up the hierarchy.

Moreover, you will receive bonuses for your performance, sometimes even as high as $30,000.

There’s another factor you will need to consider: auto shipment. This feature demands distributors to purchase products every month so that they can be eligible for commissions. This adds an extra charge of some 100+ USD every month.

Once you sign up with a kit – whichever it is – you can begin selling NeoLife products and earn a lot of commissions. While the compensation plan of an MLM company is not as simple, now you know what to expect.

Check out the NeoLife compensation plan here:

Who is NeoLife for?

NeoLife products target the increasing number of consumers in the healthcare industry, people who are aiming for a better lifestyle.

If your philosophies align with that of NeoLife and if you believe you can adhere to the company’s goal for a better life, then, by all means, this MLM company will be an ideal choice for you.

While the company’s compensation plan is not the easiest to understand, we hope that you now have a clear understanding of what to expect as a distributor.

The brand already has a strong global presence; it’s a name people know of. This sense of familiarity makes their products quite easy to sell, so you can expect to make tons of money owing to their commission plans.

Legal Rating

NeoLife is a mission-driven, goal-oriented company that focuses on success and personal transformation. The company had been accredited by BBB since 1969 and was rated A+.

Pros of NeoLife

● The company has a diverse work environment filled with people of passion; the team culture encourages a pull-together mentality among the stakeholders and distributors, so everyone has your best interest in mind

● The company offers great quality nutrition supplements that are acceptable across the globe – it is much easier to make a sale under its brand name

Cons of NeoLife

● While it is a no-brainer that, to establish your own business, making investments is compulsory, NeoLife’s startup costs are significantly higher than competitors in the same space.


NeoLife, like any other MLM company, has been scrutinized by prospects across the world. However, the company has managed to address their concerns and queries time and again, achieving transparency and reliability along the way.

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  1. It is true that  the cost to join this online making money platform is high but I think that it still poses a possibility to sell products that can bring back good gains too. Personally, I find that some expensive MLM businesses that are costly to join usually have good products that are of high quality which means sales is guaranteed for the marketer.


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