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Are you interested to learn about the up and coming market of Envato? This Envato Market Review is for you!

If you are a creative designer and you want to earn a few bucks by selling some of your work, you have to start somewhere. Where do you go? Which site can you trust? With Envato, you can buy or sell digital assets from their very own marketplace, the Envato Market.

Digital goods and services have become the utmost necessities for us in the current day and age. The Envato community has over eight million people involved. The whole company is divided into the various departments like Envato Market, Envato elements, envatotuts+, PlaceIt by Envato, etc.

As a team that is primarily based in Australia, the community of the team works from all around the world. This is because Envato believes that you should have the opportunity to earn doing the things you enjoy doing.

Envato Market

Seemingly a place for hundreds of creative workers from around the globe, Envato Market is a massive marketplace. The people here are generally talented app developers, designers, creators, etc. They all come into this common platform to sell their digital goods for people to use.

Envato believes in originality and if you wish to sell something here on Envato Market, you need to make sure that is original content. People can buy services and products like video footage, WordPress themes, Photoshop actions, and different kind of plugins.

Becoming an Author

After signing up on Envato, the first thing to do is go to the “become an author” page. You need to gradually build up a portfolio to go up the ranks as a good seller. Referring to the requirements for content will help you upload quality content and attract more and more buyers.

How much money can you make here?

The products that you offer need to pass the yearly review of Envato to actually stay active on the site. Every time you sell an item, you will get some percentage of revenue from it. The amount of money you get completely depends on the total sales you make.

Envato Elements

This branch of Envato can be called a creator’s dreamland. For a multimedia creator, you need all kinds of resources to manage and get significant growth in your business. Envato Elements provides you just that. The library of Envato Elements has been uploaded each week with more and more resources since its dawn.

If you are a web developer of some sort or maybe even a graphic designer, the millions of resources here on Elements is sure to get you excited. Subscribing to Envato Elements will help you gain access to the vast land of multimedia resources.

Unlimited Downloads

You probably have had trouble with stock image sites before. For example, you subconsciously downloaded the same thing more than once and then you realized that you are out of turns. With a subscription to Envato Elements, your downloads will no longer be limited. Let’s take a peek at what Envato offers.

Fonts: When it comes to some picky clients, you can never satisfy them. They will want to get the rarest of fonts on their content. Continuously hunting for fonts will add up to your costs and eventually pile up. With Elements, you have access to over eight thousand fonts. You will also be able to download them repeatedly without paying extra.

Stock Images: Looking for stock images on generic sites and having a download cap can get tedious and annoying. With Envato Elements, you get access to over a million stock images without royalty. Search for the image you want with keywords and get exactly what you want.

Stock Videos: Little clips to add some glam to your content always make your final projects come out awesome. But stock videos can get expensive and most stock resources will eventually burn a hole in your pockets. Envato Elements has a library of over 800,000 stock videos categorized into several sections for your convenience.

Free Sound Effects: Perhaps you don’t want to use the most generic non-copyright music from YouTube and want something unique. Envato Elements provides you with a library of sound effects and audio files that are unique and will certainly add a little magic to your projects.

A New Member: Placeit by Envato

A whole new part has been recently added to Envato; the famous Placeit is now on Envato! If for some odd reason, you have not heard about it, Placeit is one of the globe’s fastest-growing websites for logos, designs, and mockup. This part of Envato gives you access to multiple useful smart tools.

With Placeit’s smart tools, you will be able to incorporate the finest details into your content with close to no effort. Placeit will increase your efficiency and you will be able to meet the deadlines easily.

Logos, Mockups, and Animations!

Placeit is a great place to make a new name for yourself. Start by making a logo with a classy logo maker. You will be able to choose from different categories to make logos for gaming teams, clothing brands, gyms, and pet stores, and many more.

And if that’s not enough for you, the mockups of Placeit will allow you to observe how your name and brand will look on different items. With its smart technology, the mockups will show you your logos and designs on tees and sweatshirts. The best thing about it is that the process is almost effortless.

You can also find a special tool like “Logo Reveal”, which will animate your logo to please your investors’ eyes. That’s not all; you will even get tons of animation options from the convenient tabs of your browser.

Final Words

Envato has made a name for itself by being a huge marketplace for creative minds. The resources and services that each brand of Envato offers are all amazing. And with the new addition of Placeit, you have to ask, what can’t it do?

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  1. Wow, I didn’t even know that such a market place exists! Definitely an interesting topic for creative minds, so thanks for sharing. I’m in the early phases of my blogging journey, so a bit too advanced for me at this stage but I definitely see this being concept taking off. And getting in as an affiliate early on is indeed a great idea.

    Overall I think a very relevant topic and piqued my interest. If as a newbie it excited me, I am sure will be really beneficial for all the other more experienced bloggers/photographers/creative minds out there!

    • Hey Priya, many thanks for sharing your opinion on this. Envato have many great products to offer. I wish you success with your blogging. Have a nice day. 

  2. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. For me, I think this envato Its the highest-trafficked marketplace, ThemeForest, was the 580th most visited site in the world according to Alexa in August 2018. Which makes it safe for anyone.

    I am already doing business with them.

    • Hi Joy, glad to hear you already use Envato market and it is good to know that ThemeForest is highly visited. I didn’t know about that. Envato are professional and offer interesting tools. Thank you for writing.

  3. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. Envato Market is one of the most legit brand I have used as they give you the fasters route to becoming an author with no much test and exams.


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