Herculist Plus Review – Free Advertising that Brings You Traffic

In order to monetize your exceptional product or service, having a steady flow of traffic is crucial. Without it, your potential for earning revenue is limited. That’s where Herculist Plus comes in. In this comprehensive Herculist Plus Review, I’ll guide you on leveraging this powerful tool to drive substantial traffic to your website. Discover how Herculist Plus can be your key to unlocking increased visibility and success.

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More traffic = More sales

This is the first time I´m using solo ads, so I will also share my experience.

For those of you who are new to solo ads.

A free solo ad is an advertisement that is sent out to a large group of people without any cost to the advertiser.

What is Herculist Plus?

Herculist Plus is an affordable and powerful platform that offers a range of advertising tools to promote your product or brand and boost your business. With nearly 300,000 members, it provides a thriving community for entrepreneurs to connect and promote their businesses.

You have the option to choose between free and paid ads, allowing flexibility in your advertising strategy. Herculist Plus even allows you to embed your opt-in page for seamless lead generation.

On the free plan, you can send a solo plain text ad mailer to 1,000 people daily—an impressive opportunity to reach a sizable audience.

Rest assured, the traffic generated through Herculist Plus is 100% real. There are no bots or fake traffic involved. Members are like-minded entrepreneurs who are actively promoting their businesses to each other.

Keep in mind that once you join, you’ll receive offers in your email. To manage your email load, consider using a separate email address specifically for Herculist to prevent your everyday inbox from getting flooded.

If you wish to take a break from receiving emails, you have the option to activate Vacation Mode in the Settings area.

Herculist Plus welcomes promotions from various niches, excluding illegal and pornographic material, which are strictly prohibited.

While you’ll come across different types of ads on the platform, it’s worth noting that ads related to making money online tend to be the most common and effective.

Make the most of Herculist Plus to promote your business and tap into its dynamic community of entrepreneurs.

Is Herculist Plus Legit?

Let’s start with some good news: Herculist Plus is a legitimate platform. As someone who has recently come across this platform, I’ve had the opportunity to explore its offerings, including both the FREE and Paid ads options.

Herculist Plus Support

Navigating the technical aspects can be challenging at times, but I found the support provided by Herculist to be extremely helpful. They patiently guided me through the platform’s functionalities, addressing any questions or concerns I had. I had the convenience of reaching out to their support team via both chat and email.

Before diving in, I highly recommend watching the Herculist tutorial. It’s an invaluable resource that will equip you with a better understanding of the platform’s features. You can find the tutorial link conveniently located next to your name once you’re logged in. Take advantage of this resource to make the most out of your Herculist experience.

What to Expect from the Herculist Plus Platform

For first-time users logging into the member’s area, it’s common to feel a bit overwhelmed by the options available.

Don’t worry, though!

Herculist Plus has made it convenient for you by displaying every type of ad offered right on the homepage. This way, you can easily explore and choose the ad format that best suits your needs.

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the options and make the most out of your Herculist Plus experience.

Herculist Plus review_dashboard
Herculist Plus Main Dashboard

When you first log in, be prepared for a lot of information to process. It may take some time to navigate through everything, which is why I highly recommend watching the tutorial beforehand.

Despite the busyness, the Herculist Plus site maintains a clean and organized layout, making it easier to find what you need. However, it’s important to exercise patience as some pages may take a bit of time to load.

You’ll notice that there are numerous ads displayed throughout the site, and this is unavoidable. Simply click the X symbol to close each popping ad before proceeding to the next page.

To streamline your navigation, utilize the drop-down menu located under the “Account” section. It allows you to directly access the specific area you wish to visit, saving you time and effort.

By keeping these points in mind, you’ll be better equipped to navigate and make the most of your experience on Herculist Plus.

How To Use Herculist Plus

Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the “Members Area” and click on “Herculist Plus” in the left column.

The first task on your agenda is to submit your FREE daily mailer. Before doing so, it’s essential to test your URL to ensure it functions properly.

The great thing is that you can access and resubmit the same ad repeatedly, eliminating the need to create a new ad each time.

If you want to submit additional ads within the same day, you have two options: utilize your credits or purchase an ad.

You can earn credits by engaging with various types of ads, such as reading text ads, web-based ads, or blurbs.

Next, take advantage of your free credit to submit HercuBlurbs—an excellent opportunity to promote your offerings.

The best part? All of the aforementioned actions can be performed at no cost, allowing you to make the most of Herculist Plus without any financial investment.


In this specific area, as a Gold or PRO member, you have the opportunity to view and engage with other people’s ads, earning valuable views for your own site. It operates on a 1:1 ratio, meaning that for each ad you view, you receive one ad view in return.

Even as a FREE member, you still have the chance to earn views, although on a 2:1 ratio. This means that you need to view two ads in order to receive one ad view in return.

Please note that there is a waiting countdown displayed, as shown in the image (09). The waiting time is shorter for PRO and GOLD members, allowing for quicker navigation through the ads and maximizing your viewing efficiency.

Herculis Plus Review_the zone

Herculist Plus offers a diverse selection of paid ads, and one of the options I’ve personally utilized is PrimeAds. Let me walk you through its features.

PrimeAds is a hassle-free ad option because it requires minimal effort on your part. Simply provide the URL you wish to promote, and the Herculist Plus team takes care of the rest. Your site will be embedded within the Herculist site, ensuring that anyone browsing the interface will be directed straight to your site while your ad is running. PrimeAds are displayed in rotation, maximizing exposure for your ad.

The approval process for PrimeAds is swift, allowing your ad to be seen by all members who log into the site. Your ad occupies prime positions within the Herculist site, guaranteeing prominent visibility.

PrimeAds excel at driving traffic directly to your website. Personally, I opted for the 900 ads package (which happened to be on offer that day), and within a single day, I received approximately 10 sign-ups. It’s worth noting that on the free plan mailout, I receive a sign-up every other day. However, I must admit that I haven’t been consistent in sending out the free solo ad on a daily basis.

PrimeAds are strategically placed throughout the page, alternating with other purchased PrimeAds, ensuring continuous rotation and exposure for all advertisers.

In summary, PrimeAds offer a convenient and effective way to promote your website on Herculist Plus, driving targeted traffic and generating sign-ups for your business.


When members log into Herculist Plus, the first ad they encounter is available for purchase on an hourly basis. This ad, known as I-Blast, ensures prominent visibility as it remains on the home page for the duration of the purchased hours.

In addition to I-Blast, there is another powerful ad option called Traffic Bomb. This comprehensive package provides access to both email and traffic members. It combines six different ads into a single offering, allowing you to maximize your promotional efforts at a competitive price.

HercuBlurbs are ad blurbs strategically placed on the screen, providing ongoing exposure as members navigate the site. These blurbs offer a compelling way to capture attention and promote your offerings.

For more impactful visibility, PowerBlurbs are ads that pop up on the right side of the page while members browse the site. These eye-catching ads have proven to be effective in grabbing users’ attention and driving engagement.

When it comes to payment for ads, Herculist Plus accepts credit card payments as well as payments made through Bitcoin. This flexibility in payment options ensures a smooth and convenient transaction process.

With these various ad options and convenient payment methods, Herculist Plus offers a versatile advertising platform to promote your business effectively.

Herculist Affiliate Program

Herculist presents an enticing affiliate program designed specifically for affiliate marketers, offering the potential to earn commissions of up to 50%. By joining the program, you gain access to a range of marketing tools that simplify the process of promoting Herculist.

With the provided marketing tools, you can effectively promote Herculist’s affiliate links. An interesting aspect is that you can utilize these affiliate links as part of your free daily mailer. This enables you to seamlessly incorporate promotional content into your regular email communication, maximizing your reach and potential for earning commissions.

Take advantage of Herculist’s affiliate program and the comprehensive marketing tools at your disposal to boost your earnings as an affiliate marketer.

Membership Options on Herculist Plus

At the time of writing, Herculist has 3 subscriptions. Prices keep on changing, so I won´t mention any over here.

They are clearly shown on the home page of Herculist.

  • Free 
  • Gold (lifetime upgrade for a one-time fee)
  • Gold (monthly or yearly membership)
  • Pro
Herculist Plus Review_membership_plans
Herculist Membership Plans


In this article, I delve into the Herculist Plus advertising platform, which offers a valuable feature of free solo ads for members. Once you become familiar with the platform, you’ll find it easy to navigate and utilize.

Allocate some daily time to engage in the following activities without spending any money:

  1. Send a text ad with your link to a maximum of 1000 members each day.
  2. Accumulate credits by viewing ads.
  3. Utilize your credits to send a HercuBlurb.
  4. Gain insights and learn from other members and marketers by viewing their ads.

While the make-money-online sector tends to have the most effective marketing, you’ll also come across ads in various other niches like food, health, and beauty.

If you’re curious about Herculist, I encourage you to sign up and try out the free ads. Evaluate its performance and see if it aligns with your needs. If you find it valuable, you can consider investing money in paid ads or continue benefiting from the free services.

Wishing you the best of luck in your advertising endeavors with Herculist Plus!

Leads, Leads, Leads!
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  1. The number one problem with Herculist is that it will not accept most affiliate links from Clickbank or CPA offers.
    When you test the links they are broken.

    Please test the link before you publish!!!

  2. Your review of Herculist Plus is great! I am always looking for new and effective tools for marketing and your review provided me with valuable information about this platform.

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  4. Hi Marisa, 

    The Herculist Plus advertising platform seems like a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to boost their online presence. The fact that it offers free solo ads for members is truly remarkable – a chance to increase traffic without spending a dime. Your detailed insight into how to navigate and make the most of the platform is incredibly helpful. Allocating daily time to engage in various activities like sending text ads, accumulating credits, utilizing HercuBlurbs, and learning from others is a practical approach that holds the potential to yield great results. 

     It’s intriguing to know that while the platform’s core strength is in the make-money-online sector, it also caters to a variety of other niches, expanding its reach even further. 

    Your encouragement to give Herculist a try and assess its performance firsthand is sound advice. Whether it’s for free exposure or considering paid ads in the future, it’s wonderful to have options that align with different needs. Thank you for shedding light on this opportunity!


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