Is Melaleuca Wellness Company A Scam?

Looking for some healthy plant-based products to incorporate into your beauty regimen? Here’s an easy solution to buy as well as sell such products to a community of people just like you. Before buying or selling yo may be asking, ´Is Melaleuca Wellness Company a scam?´

In 1982, a company named Melaleuca came into being when siblings Allen and Roger Ball tapped into a Melaleuca plant, a native of the Australian soil, known for its healing properties to promote health and beauty. As is evident, the company gets its name from the plant.

Who is Melaleuca?

The company was first called the Oil of Melaleuca in 1984 and later changed to what it is now.

The founders hired a man called Frank VanderSloot, who moved down for the management of the company’s administrative roles. Soon after commencing, Vandersloot investigated some criminal issues the company was dealing with, which many thought would bring the end of Melaleuca. 

Frank Vandersloot became the President and revamped the company as Melaleuca, Inc. To help the company expand, a strategy titled CDM (Customer Direct Marketing) was used to track all products ordered directly through the company’s number.

With an experience of over 30 years ago, Melaleuca now manufactures and sells hundreds of products ranging from toothpaste, detergents, snacks, lotions,  vitamins, makeup, and sports items.

Product info

For the customer:

Melaleuca has over 400 products made using scientific and natural ingredients including diet products, cleaning products, toiletries, makeup, and wellbeing items.

They have it all-

  • essential oils,
  • makeup,
  • cosmetics,
  • shampoo,
  • body wash,
  • lip balm,
  • snack foods,
  • drinks,
  • coffee,
  • tea,
  • supplements,
  • ibuprofen,
  • protein powder, and more

Melaleuca focuses on the production of safe, toxin-free products that are safe for use without the fear of toxins, poisoning, side effects, health hazards, or any other harmful reactions. An environmentally friendly company, the company’s products require less water in their production, they take less amount of fuel for the transport of their products, hence limiting and tracking the amount of carbon dioxide released, and the company uses less plastic in their packaging.

Melaleuca oil is obtained from the leaves of a myrtle plant, which is first distilled, purified, and then used as a cleanser or purifier. It has healing and health properties. Melaleuca tree oil has antiseptic properties to kill microbes. It also disinfects and purifies while protecting against infections. Most of the wellness products are designed towards improving the quality of people’s lives.

For the seller:

The company makes use of a special system to grow. Customers who have tried it and are content with the products are welcome to refer other customers to the company and its products. Here, the referee becomes a sales member and earns profit from that person buying, provided the new customer has made purchases.

This helps expand a network and a community based on reviews and references, which is a great initiative for sharing Melaleuca with others. Quite a good number of customers become product advocates or referees. This means, they have willingly chosen to enroll in the referral program.

There are three levels of the program:

Product Advocate 1: The referee has referred at least one buyer and is entitled to an income of more than $90 per year.

Product Advocate 2: The referee has referred at least two buyers and is entitled to an income of $246 per year.

Product Advocate 3: The referee has referred at least three buyers and is entitled to an income of about $555 yearly.

There are many ranks in the Melaleuca system, including:

  • Product Advocate
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Executive Director
  • National Director
  • Corporate Director

The Product Advocate and Director levels are further divided into many different levels.

Regarding registration fees, you can join the company with a fee of $35. Then you are required to buy a certain number of products at wholesale prices each month either for your own use or for your direct marketing attempts to others. This amounts to approximately $55 or more each month.

Who is Melaleuca for?

The products are mainly targeted for men and women who want to incorporate natural plant-based ingredients into their skincare and makeup routines. The brand rebels against harsh chemicals and stands against cruelty to animals. It will be especially welcome to environmentalists who are cautious about their usage or consumption of products that degrade the environment. Melaleuca products are manufactured in Idaho and Tennessee.

Legal rating

Melaleuca has been in business for a great many years, and it has a BBB A+ rating, which assures you that it is not a pyramid scam.


  • Plant-based ingredients are not harmful to the body
  • Longevity of the business – solid reputation of more than 30 years
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Referral program benefits – high rates of commission
  • Availability of products at wholesale rates to sellers
  • Ease of sharing products with others – detailed product information, descriptions, and sales and promotional materials are available widely on websites and leaflets.


  • Consultants or sellers earn very little when selling the product line
  • Requires face-to-face interactions to sell products – not a good opportunity for those who want to sell from home
  • Lack of research connecting products to actual benefits like weight-loss
  • Forced minimum number of products to be purchased each month
  • Green product line – an overused selling idea
  • Complicated and difficult cancellation policies – canceling must be done in writing by a certain date in the month to prevent further shipment


Before jumping into buying Melaleuca products, customers must investigate the products individually and look into any particular allergies or side effects from the listed ingredients. Since it is a company that claims to clinically ensure that their ingredients are safe and chemical-free, it can be worth a try. Besides, the company has been in business for more than 30 years, so you can rest assured of the lack of detrimental substances.

As a seller, you have to purchase a minimum amount of products allotted by the company in order to retain your membership – this may be difficult for sellers who prefer working from home. However, the benefits are impressive. So, if it appeals to you, you may want to give it a shot.

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