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How effective are essential oils? Is doTERRA MLM Company actually a safe company to work with? If you have questions similar to this, then our article is a must-read for you.

doTERRA is one of the largest essential oil-based wellness product producers all over the world. With over three million independent distributors known as ‘Wellness Advocates,’ doTERRA claims to have gained over a billion dollars in the course of twelve years since its beginning in Utah, US. The word ‘doTERRA’ refers to ‘gift of the earth,’ and so far, with huge profits and a booming business, the company sure is utilizing the best out of this gift.

Who is doTERRA?

The CEO of doTERRA, David Stirling, alongside his fellow colleagues, left another essential oil-based multi-level marketing (MLM) company, Young Lives, back in 2008, and started this new venture with a different ideology and approach. So far, that very approach has turned a lot of heads, and doTERRA now has its office in over 18 countries spanning from North America to Africa, Europe, and Asia. Over 3200 employees and three million worldwide distributors speak for themselves. Not to mention, doTERRA’s various social projects managed to influence 1,014,071 lives as of 2019!

This very company follows two simple work ethics and business policies when it comes to distributing wellness products based on essential oils. One is, they consider sending the message that essential oil and the products based on it are, indeed, essential to lead a healthy lifestyle and should be an integral part of our everyday life. The other is recruiting as many distributors as possible across the globe. With these simple policies, they have made a fortune so far.

Product info

According to doTERRA, essential oils are natural chemical compounds that are hidden beneath the roots, seeds, flowers, etc., and possess a good lot of benefits, both physical and mental. These efficient healing tools have been used in different methods and processes since the beginning of mankind, and doTERRA plans to concentrate them into bottles and provide them to the world.

The company sells over 200 different products starting from essential oils, supplements, and various personal care items. They claim to have one of the purest essential oils and remark them as ‘therapeutic grade’ standard. Although they don’t have scientific backing for that, these oils and other items are surely sold all over the world. They are naturally volatile compounds and aren’t really compatible with ingestion, but doTERRA suggests some of these oils can actually be ingested orally for better treatment. There have been constant debates regarding the internal use of such oils, though.

The extraction process of such essential oil is one of the most important points to note here because the quality and purity of the oil often depends on the process. Thankfully, doTERRA uses cold press and steam distillation for extraction – two quite safe and less hazardous processes. With that being said, it’s time to introduce three of the most popular products available in doTERRA:

  • Family essentials kit: This here is the kit that brought the company to its place now. With pricing just below $150, this kit comes with 10 different types of essential oils. It includes classic ones like tea tree or lavender and premium oils like the ‘breathe’ blend. As a starter pack, this is just as good as it can get.
  • PastTense Roll-On EO: Perhaps one of the most unique and nicely crafted essential oils that helps heal headaches and muscle pains, this can be deemed as an ‘all-in-one’ solution as it works for stress, anxiety, sore muscle, headache, and many more issues,
  • doTERRA Serenity: The name speaks for itself. This is a bottle filled with calmness. Be it yoga or just a relaxed evening or a romantic night- the oil works everywhere, all the time!

Listen to the podcast where Samantha Lewis, from doTERRA Product Marketing team talks about which essential oils you should use for your skin type in your skincare routine

Who is it for?

First things first, doTERRA is indeed an MLM company, which means they will recruit thousands and millions of independent distributors and will not have any supervision on the marketing strategy of these distributors they call “wellness advocates.” Now the problem with this is, such advocates might use fake news or claim attributes about these essential oils that might turn out to be problematic or misleading.

The company did face lawsuits from FDA regarding such claims. But as of now, doTERRA seems like a much advanced and mature company with realistic claims about the advantages of using their essential oil products.

If you’re considering being a wellness advocate, then let us tell you, the process is fairly easy.

With only a $35 membership fee, you can become an advocate and get a 25% price cut in all products as a wholesale price. You can earn an amount of six-digit if you can be one of the top performers, but considering the popularity of these products, earning $20,000 a year is possible if you play the cards right.

Legal rating

doTERRA is a multi-level marketing company that produces and distributes essential oils. It has been accredited under BBB since 2017 and has an A+ rating.


  • The usage of their products are validated and studied by researchers day in, day out
  • The highly versatile nature of these oils can be helpful in the multipurpose healing procedure
  • The support system for their distributors is very well-managed
  • Has a fast-start bonus that enables the chance to get free products
  • doTERRA and their charitable foundations have gained acclaim all over the world


  • You have to recruit a separate distributor team in order to earn a decent amount of money
  • Doesn’t have essential oil of their own – they collect from external suppliers
  • FDA publicly warned them because of claiming unproven medical usage


We can surely come to one conclusion regarding doTERRA: they are not a pyramid scheme or a shady scam. They have legit products, and so far, very minimum complaints have been heard regarding the quality of their oil. Yes, the company faced numerous controversies, starting from the lawsuit by Young Lives to the FDA warning regarding their false claim about the oil being a cure for the Covid-19 virus. Having said that, amidst all the issues, working with doTERRA can be a good opportunity to make some good bucks and use their top-notch products. Why not give it a try, then?

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