Top 5 Social Media Scheduling Tools for quicker results

Do you want better result-oriented outcomes of your social media content? Here is a list of the Top 5 social media scheduling tools that might suit your work with perfection!

Social media is a very important part of our digital life. We want to operate social media platforms efficiently both for business and personal interests. But social media managers and marketers face a pretty hard time to efficiently use the platforms. They always look for a better return on investment in a short span of time. And social media scheduling tools are what help to make their lives easier on social platforms.

What Is A Social Media Scheduling Tool?

Social media scheduling tools help to achieve specific goals. These tools include moderation, analytics, reporting, and publishing and, of course, team affiliations. Most of these tools help to professionally manage social media content with its easy-going features that benefit a user. But some of them guarantee to offer maximum features.

Different social platforms have different times of peak hours for user engagement. Marketers and influencers urge to push their content in those specific time frames. So the scheduling tool generally helps managing all the contents and ensures them to reach the targeted audience within the scheduled time.

What Should We Look For In A Good Social Media Scheduling Tool?

The developers are constantly trying to improve social media scheduling tools. The improvement revolves around the idea of getting better results and saving time. Depending on the business type and size, social media scheduling tool varies from one another. Important things to look out for when choosing a social media scheduling tool are content categories, user-friendliness, analytics, collaboration, good post reviewing, and better media uploads.

Our list of tools talks about social media aggregations. They feature important tools that help to schedule posts, monitor the different accounts, and also accumulate social media performance. Tools consisting of analytical features are a great addition. The analytical side examines the number of people viewing the posts, clicking the links and websites. It also tells the time of their interest in the contents.

Our Top 5 Picks of Best Social Media Scheduling Tool of 2020


Over the years, Crowdfire is continuously trying to add new features to help the users. It is very much helpful for scheduling posts and it also allows a user managing Twitter accounts and also give suggestions for article sharing. This tool is unique from most other social media scheduling tools because it lets a user connect with YouTube Channel, Blogs, and online shops.

Pros of Crowdfire

  • It provides a free version
  • A good range of social networks
  • Magnificent content creation

Cons of Crowdfire

  • Best features included with the expensive version
  • Not the best user interface

4.Social Pilot

Social pilot indicates content from specific industries that are very helpful if someone wants to get similar content. This app manages to feature maximum management tools with great client management features. It is one of the best social media marketing tools to use. It is connected with various social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Tumblr, and VK. This Social media scheduling tool embraces more value which makes the tasks of the user flexible.

Pros of Social Pilot

  • Impressive fast white-label reports
  • Excellent analyzing and monitoring of social media performance
  • Customization of posts

Cons of Social Pilot

  • No automatic queue failure alert
  • Lag time to receive a reminder about post


Visuals are one of the great assets for social media marketers and MavSocial focuses on that. One can also manage Facebook ads with this social media scheduling tool. One of the impressive additions of this tool is the library that contains stock images. This app contains an impressive set of tools for identifying trending topics, hashtags, campaigns, and keywords. This app also connects with different social media networks like Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Pros of MavSocial

  • Excellent library equipped with ready to go images
  • Anyone can save purchased media in their digital library
  • Built-in photo editing app serves to publish photo before posting it

Cons of MavSocial

  • Limited access to no-spy servers
  • Low-speed test scores
  • Expensive


Hootsuite can schedule a good number of posts at a time and it can also be connected with over 35 social media networks. This social media scheduling tool is very popular and contains a large user community. This tool can manage important social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This is an all in one social media scheduling tool which covers almost every area. Enterprise-level agencies are very likely to use Hootsuite and it is excellent with analytics. It also measures the social return on investment, manages and schedules content, and executes social media ads.

Pros of Hootsuite

  • Excellent social stream feature allowing managing audience and accounts easily
  • Great analytics which gives permission to customize reports with specific requirements
  • Connects with more than 150 apps

Cons of Hootsuite

  • Payment for additional services
  • Complicated user interface with bad customer support

1. Buffer

Buffer is a very effective scheduling and publishing social media scheduling tool. It includes features like collaboration, scheduling, excellent content queue, peak hours to post, and content management. Buffer has a great slot timing method that doesn’t require scheduling manually every day. It also has link shortening features. For adding posts, anyone can upload the content as draft enabling other members to edit or approve them. For sharing the content with the audience, it has a unique feature that enables you to add RSS feeds of online publications and good blogs.

Pros of Buffer

  • Provides good support with quick replies
  • It has good customization system of posts according to the specific social platform
  • User-friendly, as a result, users can navigate easily

Cons of Buffer

  • It has a limit of scheduling 2000 posts for 25 social platforms
  • It has no feature to find trending content that might help someone


Social media scheduling tools can make a company, agency, or a marketer’s job easier. They are very useful for the emerging digital world as the core of this magnificent world is digital platforms. Every social media manager, marketer, or influencer should use a suitable social media scheduling tool to ease their job. We hope that anyone who is looking for a suitable social media scheduling tool can find one from our list.

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