Vorwerk Review 2021 | Sell Thermomix and Kobold

In this Vorwerk Review, we put an internationally successful MLM company – with a massive line of household cleaning products – Vorwerk under microscope for a comprehensive review.

Vorwerk is an internationally recognized network marketing company made popular for its top quality household product backed by exceptional customer service and rich community support.

In this Vorwerk Review, we take a look at the company – how it came to being, and what offerings it brings to the table. Read to learn if you can rely on them.

Who is Vorwerk?

Vorwerk is a family-owned, Germany based MLM company that was founded in 1883 by a carpet factory. Its headquarters is located in Wuppertal, Germany, and it hosts a brilliant line of 

  • household and kitchen items, 
  • cosmetics, 
  • appliances, and 
  • services.

Since its inception, the company has been growing at a tremendous pace, now standing tall with over 13,000 employees and 610,000 self-employed advisers. 

In the 137 years of operation, the company has expanded over 80 countries and employed millions along the way. The secret behind their growth is an exceptional code of ethics and adhering to strong philosophy.

Their work is based on five core principles:

  • Customers are their main focus
  • Developing entrepreneurship mindset
  • Prioritizing quality
  • Adaptability
  • Long term commitment to products

Although the company began its operations following traditional business models, it has managed to push past the surge of MLM companies due to its adaptable business models, philosophy, digitization, and, of course, commitment to innovation.

Products Made by Vorwerk

Vorwerk hosts a huge line of products categorized into the following:

Thermomix Kitchen Appliances

Thermomix was designed to simplify our everyday kitchen chores; the product has 12 functions – it mixes, chops, blends, grates, grinds, and whatnot. The product is distributed to 15 countries through more than 40 distributors under the supervision of 44,500 self-employed advisers. On average, this product generates about 1.3 billion euros for the company.

Kobold Vacuum Cleaners

The Kobold appliance being one of its main products, Vorwerk began this service in 1930. The product primarily stands out for its exceptional ability to keep a house clean and tidy compared to its competitor brands. Not only that, but the product is also very easy to operate, and anyone in the house can learn their way around it in no time. Kobold is basically innovation, quality, and durability fused together to form a top-notch product for your home. This particular division is operational in over nine countries with more than 20 distributors and 12,000 self-employed advisers taking care of its sales.

JAFRA Cosmetics

JAFRA is particularly popular in the USA. Vorwerk’s cosmetics line has gained the faith of customers due to its anti-aging products and perfumes. One of the most popular products in this division is Royal jelly, a skincare product specializing in anti-aging functions; it is quite affordable, which works as an added bonus. On average, the division reaches over 360 million in annual sales.

Vorwerk Carpets

As we mentioned earlier, the company began its journey with a carpet factory and has been committed to this line of products ever since. Their carpets are of superior quality and of high demand in Germany. They have great command in the financial sector and have partnered with AFK group

If you are planning on becoming a distributor for the company, we will recommend you begin with Jafra cosmetics. The product has a lower risk and higher demand. However, to sell any product, you will need to have a thorough understanding of it. You will need to research the products and identify its pros and cons – this is essential for improving sales.

Who is Vorwerk for?

Vorwerk products are for anyone who enjoys quality cleaning appliances and services. The company follows a direct sales system where salespeople and advisers offer service on a more personal level in a consultative manner. You will enjoy the innovative features the company has to offer while forming a close relationship with it.

Consultants and advisers work on a commission basis where they make money based on their sales. 

The commission can rise as high as $380 per appliance. The number, however, varies on the region and products.

Of course making big commissions will not be a breeze, but with commitment, perseverance and effort it is known you can achieve your goals. If you need some help with that watch this video and see the results on how perseverance becomes emotional stubbornness.

Legal Rating

Vorwerk is a registered trademark and has registered offices in Wuppertal with a diverse line of products distributed by partners worldwide. Products from JAFRA cosmetics and carpeting are a part of their diversified products. The company now has operations in more than 80 countries across Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia, and some parts of Africa. Such a strong international presence generates up to 65 percent of the total sales for the company.

Pros of Vorwerk

● A wide and established distribution channel that is flourishing with partnerships with prestigious brands

● Distributors and advisers are trained for a future-ready business world; they also have the flexibility of choosing any product they deem fit

● Distributors will earn a commission for each sale under their team; it generally sums up to generate a huge income

Cons of Vorwerk

● The compensation plan is not available on the company website – lacking transparency

Sustainability – Children´s Villages

Vorwerk, as a family business are also committed to social and environment projects around the world, helping children by funding children´s villages. See video below:


The massive number of employees and self-employed advisers working at Vorwerk advocates for its reliability and legitimacy. This 137-year-old company has managed to survive for so long due to its innovative models and strong business ethics. However, that does not mean that Vorwerk is the best option for you if you want to join the MLM industry.

The company clearly lacks transparency in terms of the compensation plan and procedure for joining as consultants. That being said, Vorwerk has a huge community that is ready to support you and provide you with any information you might require. You can look up distributors and part-time agents who are currently working with the company to understand the network better.

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