Best Data Backup for An Affiliate Marketer

Are you an affiliate marketer who’s looking to back up your content? Read to find the best data backup options for you below!

Additionally, you can also benefit from their affiliate program.

During my high school years, I had a profound interest in photography. Family outings, hangouts with friends, or a natural scenery I liked – my camera would click away. I would store all my photos in my desktop PC, and in the span of 4 years, I had over 60GB of photos! Then my computer crashed, and all my photos were lost forever.

Later on I had all my travel photos saved in my laptop and one day it just went black and I could never switch it on again. I never fixed it and all my photos were gone again.

A horror like this is exactly what makes backing up your data so important. Be it business files or pet videos or the manuscript of the novel you’re writing, it’s always advisable to have a copy stored away somewhere safer. This is where online and external backup steps in.

Why Are Backups Important

Electronic devices always have the risk of wearing out. There will come a day when your laptop will fail, or your hard disk will crash. You could repair them, but this does not guarantee you’ll get back all the files you’ve lost. Besides the risk of wear, your device could also be susceptible to physical damages such as a flood or a fire. Your device could also fall victim to hackers or ransomware. In any case, your personal or business data will end up compromised, and that is why keeping backups are necessary.

There are many backup services available online and offline that promise to protect your data. Some backup services also offer affiliate programs, which can earn some cash from the marketing as well.

Top Backup Services

1. pCloud

Product Description

pCloud lacks in features compared to Google or Microsoft’s cloud storage platforms, but it stands out due to its affordable pricing and secure options. For free users, pCloud offers 10GB of free storage. With a premium membership, you can buy a 500GB plan or a 2TB plan, which is valid for a year. As of the time of writing, their pricing plans were much more generous than some of its other competitors such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

Another feature that makes pCloud so unique is its no-knowledge client-side encrypt. Your files would be encrypted so securely that not even the staff can retrieve them if you lose the password. This could be both a pro and a con – depending on your perspective.

pCloud Affiliate Program

Besides keeping your files safe and secure, pCloud also offers you the chance to make some cash on the side through its handsome affiliate program. The program pays you through PayPal and doesn’t require any cost to sign up.

There are 2 ways to get paid through pCloud. You could earn 100% of the commission on the first month of every payment, which means you get a customer’s full subscription fee for the first month. Or you could choose a recurring commission of 20%. This means that as long as a visitor subscribes to pCloud through your affiliate link, you would keep getting paid 20% of their subscription fee as long as the subscription holds.

Besides the generous commission rates, they also provide you with marketing materials, targeted landing pages, and real-time statistics to help you make the sale. Their tracking cookies are pretty generous too, with a duration of 45 days.

2. Backblaze

Product Description

If you’re a single-device person, and your device contains everything you cherish – from important business documents to awkward graduation photos, Backblaze is your best bet. It’s designed to be streamlined and simple, and perfect for novices. Backblaze doesn’t ask you which files you want to back up, rather it takes all your files and folders and stores them in the cloud.

Backblaze doesn’t have any free plans, but you can try it for free for 15-days before giving out credit card information. They have several affordable plans for you to choose from, and it comes with unlimited storage.

The downside to Backblaze is that they work only for one computer per account. But then again, Backblaze wasn’t designed to be an alternate storage option. They are more of a preventive measure in case your desktop catches fire or you drop your laptop into a lake.

Backblaze Affiliate program

Backblaze’s affiliate program may sound less generous, but it is still good enough to make some extra money. Backblaze offers 10% commission for affiliates, which they pay via PayPal when you reach $100 in commissions. The tracking cookies last for 30 days, and the commissions last a lifetime. If new computers are added to the customer’s accounts, you get paid for it as well as long as the accounts are marked with your affiliate ID.

Backblaze also has a detailed admin console, a dedicated account manager, and a steadfast support team based in California. It also supplies you with training materials and data sheets that can help you make your sale.

3. Zoolz

Product Description

Zoolz offers a wide range of backup services including local backup, cloud storage, and a special plan called BigMind that uses artificial intelligence. It comes with a lot of features that make it an attractive option, due to its intuitive interface and multi-user account support.

But Zoolz fails terribly when it comes to speed and accessibility. Zoolz uses a service called Amazon Glacier, which provides cheap storage, but also comes with limitations such as poor downloading speed and large waiting times.

Zoolz Affiliate Program

Zoolz also has an affiliate marketing program that can be quite helpful for novice marketers. Despite its limitations, Zoolz still has a huge market worldwide and is a popular option for local and online backups. It’s free to sign up on Zoolz, and they offer a 40% commission on every sale made. Zoolz also provides a variety of marketing banners and a support team that can help you with your sales.


It is of utmost importance that you keep files safe from physical damage, wear and tear, and security breaches. One of the options to keep your files secure is backing them up online or offline so that you always have a copy at your discretion. There are many backup services available in the tech world, but these are some of the best ones with an attractive affiliate program. If you’re using them to back up your content anyway, why not become an affiliate and earn some money for it as well?

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