Looking for a way to make unlimited income for yourself? Then recurring affiliate programs are the best way to do it. Here is a list of some of the best recurring commission affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are now one of the smartest ways to earn money online. The best part about it is that there is no time commitment and if things go as planned, your income will be unlimited.

It is a great way to utilize your time. Not only you are benefitting from affiliate programs, the company you are marketing for is also benefiting from your marketing. It is because of your marketing that they are getting more customer reach day by day. And for that help, they pay you with commissions and sometimes with bonuses. This is called affiliate marketing.

Because of the massive success of affiliate programs, almost every company now (new and old) is introducing affiliate programs.

Some of them pay one-time commissions, some of them recurring commissions.

So which one is better? I´d say both. But if you are talking for the long term, then the recurring commissions are best, despite having low commission rates.

Recurring commission rates are usually paid by companies that sell products and services with subscription models. For every subscription your referrals make, you get commissions. That’s how the commissions keep coming.

So now you might be wondering, which websites? Do companies offer referral commissions? Which one should I choose? Worry not. We have got your back. Here is a list of 10 of the best recurring commissions affiliate programs.

Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the best email automation services you can affiliate for. They are well-reputed and they are getting new customers regularly. So, it is a very good choice for the affiliate for Active Campaign.

It’s free to subscribe to their affiliate program. In the beginning, the commission rate is 20%. But it will easily move up to 25% and then 30% after bringing in a targeted number of customers to the Active Campaign.


Having a website for your store and expanding your business online is now a common phenomenon. It is now very difficult to find a new brand and fashion shop without having their web platform. Even local grocery stores are now expanding their businesses online.

But not everyone is a coder and knows how to make a web platform for their business. That is where Shopify comes in. It creates and hosts websites for your businesses. You can easily refer to your new business owner friends to Shopify and earn monthly commissions of 20%.


ClickFunnels has high commission payments and a very lucrative incentive if you reach a target. ClickFunnels has products ranging from high to low prices. If your referrals buy any of those products using your affiliate link, you will get 40% as commissions.

The lucrative incentive is that if you can make 100 active ClickFunnels users under your link, ClickFunnels will give you your dream car. It is true. Not a scam.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a WordPress theme that pays you yearly recurring commissions. One of the things about Web theme affiliate commission is that they won’t stop coming. Why? Because once someone has built their website using a theme, it is very unlikely for them to switch it.

Elegant themes pay you 50% commissions for each theme your referrals buy plus 50% of the yearly renewal commission.


Kinsta is another WordPress-related platform. It is a web hosting tool. Most of the websites today are getting hosted in WordPress platforms, so you can easily drive people towards Kinsta and monetize from their sales.

Their commission rate is different from others. For each sale/sign-up, you can earn $50 to $500. Plus, you will get 10% recurring commissions for each renewal.


Do you have a lot of hard-working graphics designers in your reach? If so, then DepositPhotos will be a great place for you to affiliate for. DepositPhotos has millions of Vector images in their stocks available. These images will surely make the life of your graphics designer friends easy.

Send them your affiliate link of DepositPhotos and if they sign up, you will get 40% commissions. Also, for each renewal, you will get 20% recurring commissions. It is a great way to help out all of your graphic designer contacts and also get a profit for yourself.

HideMyAss VPN Service

Everyone is now concerned with their virtual footprints on the web and they require a solid protection/ shield from hackers and viruses. HideMyAss VPN service will give you all of that. Because it is about web protection, you can sell it to anyone at anyplace.

For the first subscription, you will earn 100% as commissions. Later on, with each renewal, you will earn 65% recurring commissions.


Ontraport is a very useful management tool. Especially for business owners. It can manage emails and also memberships. It uses its built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to track all your customers and their activities.

Your online business/e-commerce owner friends will surely sign up for it if you promote Ontraport to them. The commission pay-out rate of Ontraport is 25% for each sign-up and renewals. Moreover, you will get access to VIP resources to manage your e-commerce site.


GetResponse is a place filled with ready-made marketing campaign materials. It is an essential tool for marketers and business owners who want to expand their traffic reach. You can promote your traffic about the benefits of using GetResponse and earn commissions from it.

Their commission is paid in two ways. You can choose any of them. The choices are claiming $100 on every sale or get 33% recurring commissions.


If you know people who run a small start-up or organization and have to manage a lot of staff, then you can refer them to Hubstaff. Hubstaff will help them in managing their company staff, meetings, schedules, and deadlines.

For all of these services, Hubstaff will cost only $7, which makes it very easy to sell. For each sale and renewal, you will receive 30% recurring commissions for the rest of your life.

Final Verdict

So, these are the top recurring commission affiliate programs you can join and earn some good money for the rest of your life.

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4 thoughts on “Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs”

  1. Hello! In my personal experience, I’ve only tried one-time commission programs and I was thinking about giving recurring programs a try. I have a friend that told me about the high commission rates and how some of them are common to many niches. Web-themed affiliates seemed like the best alternative for me, and I’m surprised it never crossed my mind. Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

    • Hi Alex, thank you for writing. Glad you found it helpful. It is nice to have recurring income, so I definitely recommend joining these programs as an affiliate. 

  2. Finding good affiliate programs is not that easy. I think we all start applying to be an Amazon Affiliate. And since it’s easy to get approved then begin to promote their products. It’s not difficult to get sales but the commissions are super low. Now, these programs are of excellent quality, I have tried GetResponse, Elegant Themes, ClickFunnels, and Shopify. But I didn’t know their affiliate programs were so generous. Thank you.


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