Toonly vs Doodly | Which is Worth Your Money?

Animation software has made content creation so much easier. But which one is worth the money? Today, we find out which software is the best: Toonly vs Doodly.

In today’s age of technology, brands and companies are incorporating more visual elements into their content to present the ideas in a more interactive, attractive form.

Regardless of the field, it’s being used, people appreciate the visual medium. Even if you’re not using it for business purposes, videos help retain audience attention.

No matter where you go on the web, you are bound to see those small clips of videos. Characters and stories vary but the effect is similar.

There is a large pool of video creation tools available on the marketplace and the internet. But, not all animation software was created equal.

If you’re reading this article, we assume you know about the existence of such two software, Doodly, and Toonly. They are used to create animated videos, animated advertisements, and whiteboard explained videos.

Since they offer the same services, there is bound to be some competition to decide which one reigns supreme over the other. We will be putting these two to the test; in Toonly vs Doodly, every aspect of their services will be judged to determine if they are worth your money.

Introduction to Toonly

Toonly can be used to make “explainer” videos. Alongside the whiteboard and arm, this software offers a bunch of other attributes. You can use its drag and drop features to choose from motion and dialogues as needed.

There is an impressive selection for pre-set scenes. For instance, if you wish to advertise a service or product to a customer, you can pick from the available preset modes before simply integrating the dialogue. However, if preset animations aren’t your thing, Toonly allows you to import your objects, images, sound, and people. But, you can’t add your animation.

Here is an example of a cartoon animated video made by Toonly. Enjoy the video!

Introduction to Doodly

Doodly is another great software used to create whiteboard animations. The software also features the drag and drop interface. There are thousands of images available in the library.

You can also add your custom images. Doodly lets users add sounds to their videos from its useful and free library. The software is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

In the below video, you can watch Zahid Khan drawing on Doodly. Check it out!

Comparing Toonly and Doodly on Different Scales


Doodly is best if you’re searching for a whiteboard animation video creator.

On the other hand, Toonly is the better option if you want to make cartoon explainer clips. Both the options function well in their particular fields.

Headings and Texts

If you have to add a lot of text to your animated videos, don’t get Toonly. It is focused heavily on animation and designing bits rather than massive blocks of text.

Doodly should be your choice in this chase as it allows a ton of texts in its whiteboard videos.

Hand Animations

Doodly offers a hand animation in the drawing features section that Toonly doesn’t. If you need this benefit, Doodly will fit the bill.

Toonly does offer a decent amount of in-built and pre-made scenes and animated characters to make the videos more attractive.

Built-In Objects

There are more than 200 characters, 20 scenes, backgrounds, and thousands of audio tracks to choose from in Toonly.

Doodly keeps pace with this and offers 200 custom poses, props, and multiple scenes.

However, Doodly allows you to upload your sounds and images to use in the videos but that isn’t possible in Toonly.

Animation Synchronization

Toonly is the more flexible software. It lets users sync animations and similar addition at the same time.

There is some overlapping problem associated with Doodly in this case – you will have to face some issues with the animations happening one after the other.

Cloud Dependency

Toonly isn’t a cloud-based tool. Users can buy, download, install, and use it on their computers. This program lets users create interesting videos without the internet.

In contrast, Doodly always needs an internet connection to be able to finish projects.

Toonly VS Doodly: Rundown

Both Toonly and Doodly are easy-to-use software that doesn´t require coding. But, you will need to connect your device to the internet when working with Doodly.

For both the choices, you simply need to drag and drop your selection from the built-in scenes, props, backgrounds, characters, and much more, to your video. Other images, fonts, and sounds can be uploaded in Doodly.

Working with Toonly, you have to make sure to save your work from time to time as there is no auto-save option.

There is no limit on video creation. But, Toonly doesn’t give free trials. The purchase includes a 30-day money-back guarantee instead.

Toonly is solely for cartoon-explained clips but Doodly can be used to create whiteboard, green board, or whiteboard videos as requirements.

Doing a Toonly vs Doodly based on price won’t be that beneficial or have an impact on the final results since both the options are pretty close in pricing and convenience.

The Final Verdict

This discussion to decide the winner between Toonly vs Doodly is going to an interesting turn because we have decided there is no winner. This era demands users to be accustomed to technology at its fullest, and tools such as Doodly and Toonly help us create professional videos that create lasting impressions in the field of internet marketing and advertisements. Both these video-making tools are great in their respective fields. Using them is convenient, easy, and inexpensive.

While there is no fixed decision on which is the best, we can say this: Both software is legitimate and work seamlessly in most cases – both worth the coins.

Bottom Line

Toonly vs Doodly

They have their own set of pros and cons, but they’re quite decent at such a nominal price. It’s hard to find functional (and good) video-making tools that would get the job done for $67.

Leading companies across the globe rely on explained videos to take their promotional game to the next level, so there’s no doubt that you should try these too.

Featured Image by Willian Yuki Fujii Memmo from Pixabay

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