Does LegalShield Work – Do You Need Legal Protection At Low Cost?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to take care of your legal proceedings, and you have come across LegalShield, you may be asking: ´Does LegalShield Work?

Read below to find out more about it.

Subscribing to LegalShield connects you to independent, bar-certified law firms in your area. Now get valuable legal solutions at an unbeatable price!

Getting expert legal care, as much as it thins down your bank balance, becomes crucial at certain points in your life.

Whether it is document preparation, contract review, trial defense, or simply knowing what’s within your rights and what to do when they are violated, legal advice in the right direction is something neither families, businesses, or individuals can do without.

Keeping that in mind, LegalShield, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, is offering legal consultation in all 50 states of America and 4 Canadian provinces at an affordable price point.

Who is LegalShield?

At LegalShield, you’ll have access to lawyers who are at the prime of their respective line of work with around 22 years of experience.

It also helps you start a new business with all the legal requirements sorted out or getting your real estate documents checked for paying off the mortgage.

LegalShield covers all areas where you might need professional help, and their community is widespread, insightful, and fast. Keep on reading to learn more about LegalShield!

LegalShield Plans & Services

For an online legal help provider, LegalShield has come a long way since its inauguration back in 1972. Their prolific attorney network now covers nearly 40 law firms ready to serve you in the shortest possible time. They have 900 attorneys spread out all over the USA and some parts in Canada.

None of the LegalShield services cost an arm and leg. So, people from every financial background can access them very easily.

Business Formation Services

Starting at $145 excluding state filing fees, this package comes with dedicated service from a LegalShield appointed business attorney in your state who will walk you through the steps of getting your business started.

From doing the legal paperwork to defending the company at a trial, this LegalShield package covers resolving a multitude of legal issues and disputes with customers, vendors, and even employees.

You also get unlimited phone consultations regarding any business concern.

Other than that and the debt collection services on your behalf, contract review is some things that make the Business Formation service by LegalShield so lucrative.

Small Business Plans

It costs only $39 a month for companies with ten or fewer employees. You get one hour of legal work on unlimited business topics and 3 x half an hour calls on designated consultations per year. Other than that, you can have 6 legal documents reviewed every month. However, you don’t get the trial defense privilege in this particular plan. For that, you will have to upgrade to another LegalShield plan.

LegalShield offer increased services, introducing an advanced trial defense in their other two business plans. They are specially tailored for businesses with 50 and 100 employees or fewer.

For example, when you choose the Small Biz 100 plan for $149 per month, your LegalShield attorney will send out 15 debt collection letters to the concerned, whereas, in the Small Biz 10 plan, the number gets down to 5.

In the same way, your attorney will review 40 legal documents and contracts (15 pages each) for helping your business follow the right course of action.

Both the Small Biz 50 and 100 come with 75 hours a year in trial defense with generous hours of pretrial work.

Among the three business plans on LegalShield as of now, the difference is not in the consultation period; it is rather in their debt collection, document review, letter count, and trial defense features.

Personal Legal Plan

LegalShield covers your financial issues, traffic violations, real estate planning, family law, divorce as well as protecting your rights as a landlord or tenant.

You can have your LegalShield attorney represent you in legal proceedings, defend you at a trial, draft Standard Will, Living Will, and Power of Attorney alongside yearly updates other than providing legal solutions to a wide range of problems.

Who is LegalShield for?

LegalShield is for those individuals, small businesses, and startups that need a cost-effective and immediate way to get legal help.

What we liked about LegalShield is its relevant approach to modern-day problems.

For instance, if you’re working as a freelancer, you can take the Home Business Supplement along with the personal legal package coming at only $24.95 a month.

Legal Ratings

LegalShield, also known as Pre-Paid Legal Services until 2011, is an American private company. Their stocks were traded on the New York Stock Exchange before they went private. LegalShield is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business since 1995 with a BBB rating of A+.

Pros of LegalShield

Exclusive deals- If there is a legal issue not covered by your plan, as a respected member of LegalShield, you are subject to a whopping 25% discount on the attorney’s standard rates.

Unbeatable price – By paying a monthly fee for your subscribed service beforehand, you don’t have to worry about a bulky check after minimum hours of consultation in the traditional legal help system.

Dedicated & Fast Response-Your attorney will return your call within 4 hours, and their expertise includes solutions to any legal problems you might face as an individual, service holder, or business owner. You can get emergency solutions in 15 minutes from a LegalShield attorney.

Identity Theft Solutions– LegalShield provides identity theft monitoring and restoration services partnering up with Kroll Inc. under the name IDShield.

Relevant Legal Help For All- What we liked about LegalShield is that they have distinct plans and supplements for individuals, families, and businesses of different sizes.

Resolving Financial Issues– Your LegalShield attorney will make calls on your behalf for resolving any financial dispute with banks, medical professionals, dealerships, etc. besides negotiating terms of any legal settlement.

Cons of LegalShield

Late services– LegalShield might not provide legal support on time.

Varying Payments– Depending on your location, the price of LegalShield plans may vary from one state to another.

Lax Customer Care– There are delivery and billing issues LegalShield can improve.


As an individual or a business, getting legal help without breaking the bank sounds unbelievable. But LegalShield, with its diverse services and legal solutions, makes it happen and helps you have a good night’s sleep. In short, LegalShield has the potential to live up to your expectations from a fully-fledged law firm.

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