Paycation Travel Review 2021 |Is Paycation Any Good?

Wondering if Paycation is worth a shot? We have the answer! Read the following Paycation Travel Review (Now TraVerus) to find out.

Tourism and travel are an ever-growing business and the ones who come up with innovative ideas for travel stay ahead in the game. One thing is for sure, travel agencies are some of the most competitive agencies on the planet. Some will try to loot you in the name of the best this and that, while some will fail miserably at keeping their promise.

You might not even realize that you’re getting ripped off because, let’s face it, travels have been expensive since time immemorial. However, it doesn’t have to be this way when you can earn cash to finance your own travels.

Who is Paycation? Now TraVerus Global

Quick Facts

CEODavid Manning
HeadquartersAllen, Texas
SpecialtiesTravel, Cruises, Vacation, Home based business
Source: Linkedin Paycation

Paycation follows an MLM Business Model. Basically, it’s where the participants earn money by promoting PayCation to others or recruiting more travel agents.

When people book their travels, you get a portion of the fee that they pay.

On top of that, you receive a percentage from your recruits’ commissions as well. Sounds lucrative enough? Keep on reading for more!

Service Info

Paycation is a global travel company based in Dallas. They work with Xstream Travel, and, together, they provide a top-notch marketing program that has led Paycation to reach every corner of the world.

They have a rich community of successful referral customers that they have built over the years with affiliate recruitment or MLM strategy.

Paycation has associates all over the globe, and they offer a much rewarding program where you can increase your commissions, have a flexible work schedule, and be your own boss. The sky’s the limit!

How Do You Make Money With Paycation?

On Paycation, you can become a certified travel agent (CTA). As a Paycation CTA, you can directly communicate with the vendors and move up the ladder.

Travel is easy to promote as everybody wants to travel. If you have passion for travelling this could be a good opportunity for you.

Other than that, the perks of becoming a certified Paycation travel agent include having your very own travel booking engine. You can book travels not only for yourself but also your friends and family, no matter where they are!

The good news is, this website will be powered by Priceline, the second-largest online travel booking provider in the world. Now, when a lead visits your site and books travel, you can earn up to 75% commission from the booked services!

How Much Does It Cost To Join Paycation?

You can become a Referral Travel Associate (RTC) for $199.95 and an additional $69.95 subscription fee per month.

The benefits you can enjoy as an RTC include personal sales commissions and overrides, fast start bonuses, business builder bonuses, car bonus programs, executive earned positions, monthly coded residual income, and so on.

How & What Can You Earn with Paycation?

Get your friends on the Paycation compensation marketing program for your very first personal sale commission. When they buy a referral travel customer plan through your website, you’re going to make $70 as a personal sale commission for each! Moreover, enrolling more people on Paycation travels after a limit helps you make an additional $10 for each customer; it’s called personal sales overrides.

You can also earn a handsome salary from Paycation’s monthly residual income that comes from six different streams! It is one of the reasons why becoming an RTC on Paycation is so much lucrative. And the fact that you can earn cash on different levels on the Paycation Compensation Plan is what makes Paycation so awesome!

Paycation has access to over 145,000 hotels, from decent to luxurious, all over the world in the best tourist hotspots. The most asked question that we face from the aspiring travel agents is, “Why would people choose to visit my website for booking travels?” and the answer’s pretty simple: you have to put in work, build connections, and reach out to people.

When you establish a position of trust in your follower base and introduce travel locations, their cuisines, and specialties through fun, informative, and mesmerizing content, you’ll be able to see how fast you can turn prospects into customers!

Moreover, you will frequently receive massively discounted offers on expensive hotels and resorts. In this way, you’ll get to experience travelling to the jaw-dropping locations worldwide and then refer those Paycation spots to your network.

Who is Paycation For?

As one of the fastest-growing home-based projects, Paycation is for the individuals who are deeply invested in travelling. If you also know the ropes of affiliate or MLM businesses, Paycation is the best place, where you’ll be rewarded for your work in incredible ways!

They emphasise network marketing for prompting more people to choose Paycation over other travel agencies; the competition is tight, but on Paycation, the rates are unbelievable!

For only $149.95, you can become a referral travel customer with a monthly obligation of a mere $69.95.

Legal Ratings

Paycation is not a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business. It has a B- rating on BBB.

Pros of Paycation

Decent Pricing– Paycation prices are similar to those on Kayak,, and AAA Travel.

A booming travel agency– Over 145,000 hotels across the world are listed on Paycation. And since travel is the number one holiday pursuit, business is booming!

Lucrative affiliate recruitment programs– Paycation gives you every opportunity to increase your commissions. It all depends on your performance: how well you are generating leads, increasing traffic on your website, or how many of the visitors are booking Paycation hotels through your website.

Member Discounts & Trips– The best thing about Paycation is how well the platform rewards its members. You can enjoy highly discounted trips across the world as a Paycation agent and, later on, share your real experience with the prospects.

Cons of Paycation

Complex commission schemes– Newcomers might face difficulty getting started on Paycation and understanding its strategies.

Third-Party involvements– The third-party interference on Paycation might be distracting, and it gets hard to keep track of all your leads.


Paycation, once you get a grip on its many ways of doing business and earning commissions, can become a very profitable line of work where you get to travel the world and build a network of like-minded people.

Becoming a part of its global community and enjoying your stay at luxurious hotels worldwide with unbelievable discounts is quite hard to beat. That said, Paycation is all set to take your travel agent dreams to the next level!

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