Generate Traffic to your Website through Social Media

Are you looking for a way to generate traffic to your website through social media? We got you covered! Read on..

generate traffic to your website through social media

Social media has become one of the most popular ways for businesses to interact with their targeted segment of consumers. Almost all small business owners consider social media very important for swiftly running their business. Social media is now a lot more than meeting new people and connecting with friends. You can actually gain brand recognition from social media. You can develop a whole community around the business that you have.

The number of people using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, billions this, Instagram, and others is expected to hit over a couple billion this year. And using these platforms to generate traffic to your site will end up being very fruitful.

Why Should You Use Social Media For Traffic?

With the rise of the number of users on social media platforms, this medium has become very lucrative for entrepreneurs and business owners. You can use billions this to share visual content from your site or blog, or use Facebook to connect with your consumers. For that, guiding the customers towards your site through social media has become very essential. You need to research your target audience and evaluate which platform your audience uses the most.

Using social media to generate traffic towards your site will be lucrative for your business. The number of people you interact with on these platforms will gradually let others know about your site, thus generating more traffic towards your site.

Below are some of the most useful social media platforms for generating traffic. Check them out!

1. Pinterest

You might think that this platform is not for you simply by looking at the general content that it is known for, which may not seem relevant. But you will be surprised as to how the big names like Apple, Lowe’s, Walmart, have made awesome marketing efforts on this platform. So there is plenty of room for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small startups to use this site to its fullest. If you can pin posts at the right time, you can generate quite a bit of traffic to your site.

How to Generate Traffic on Pinterest

Your pin can spread 100x more easily than a tweet. So, it’s easy for small businesses to help their posts get attention. Each pin on billions this may generate a couple of page visits and even up to six page views.

All you need to do is focus on your copy descriptions. Make sure your pins are helpful and detailed. Make sure that your pinners can easily understand your description.

Make the description detailed and interesting so that the pinners are drawn to it in numbers. Use phrases similar to “check out..” or “visit this..” to encourage your customers to check your site out. Don’t just pin everything, though; make sure your posts are pin-worthy. Your images should have enough detailed texts and interesting outlooks that will eventually draw the users to take a look at them and eventually visit your website.

2. Facebook

Facebook has been the most formidable social media platform for businesses since its dawn. It has allowed many small businesses, startups, and websites to achieve success through the awesome features that it offers.

Facebook can be considered the pathway to your website. You will be able to connect with your audience effortlessly through the wonderful tools that Facebook offers, gradually generating more and more traffic for your website.

How to Generate Traffic on Facebook

Your Facebook page gives your targeted audience a glimpse of your website, encouraging the interested consumers to visit your website, thus generating more traffic.

For this, you can post the link to your website for people to visit your site. Write valuable information for potential customers on your “About” tab. Always include the details that matter. Share your blogs from your website on the page. And post regularly to make sure the audience gives your blogs a read.

Interested customers also share blogs on their personal profiles, which can generate even more leads and more views on your website. Boost your posts in order to reach more views and find out which kind of posts are getting more attention. Use Facebook ads in order to generate more traffic to your page, and eventually, more traffic for your site.

3. Twitter

Promoting your blog posts is utterly important for more and more people to actually see them. Not everyone that checks your blog out is a potential reader, but they will allow more readers to get to know about your site eventually. And Tweeting about your site has become a great way to increase activity and traffic on your site. The total number of Twitter users is on the rise and many influencers actually prefer Twitter to share their insights.

How to Generate Traffic on Twitter

Use short and proactive tweets about your blog to get peoples’ attention. Research says that shorter tweets get more engagement, so you have to keep them short to encourage people actually interact with your content. Make sure that you get creative when you are linking your blog articles to the tweet. Make sure to let the audience feel like they need to visit your site to know what is going on.

You can even consider using an interesting quote from your blog in the tweet so that interested readers will surely click on the link and get you more traffic. Use statistics and hashtags properly to make your content appear legit. Retweet the contents and ask for retweets so that people can enable others see your content, eventually generating more traffic for your site.

Final Words

Promoting your blog or your website to people is vital. Not everyone who sees your post needs to be among your targeted audience, but they might know someone who is. In this way, you can gradually use your marketing efforts to gain more and more views on your site. And using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms will allow you to generate more and more traffic to your site.

Do share with us which social media platform works best for you and why. Leave a comment below.

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  1. Your article is extremely interesting, I bookmarked it! My experience when it comes to social media is not always good – let’s say that I have to make a lot of efforts to participate in social media for my business. But it is true, they can drive a great amount of traffic – even if the best way to get results is, in my opinion, SEO. I’ve experienced the best results with Instagram and Facebook so far!

    • Hi Rosalia, thank you for writing and sharing your experience in using social media. It does help to generate traffic along with SEO. 

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