Make Money Self Publishing On Amazon Without Being A Writer

Have you ever thought of publishing your own book, but you never knew where to start? Kindle Direct Publishing is a platform where you can upload your book content, and publish and sell your books for free. That is how you make money self-publishing on Amazon.


Amazon does not charge you to use the platform. When a client purchases your book, Amazon will take care of the printing, packaging, and shipping to the customer. You do not have to do anything, and you will receive a royalty.

How good is that?

This method is called print on demand. Amazon will produce the book only after an order is received from a customer.

But you may be asking.

Can You Write A Book If You´re Not A Writer?

The short answer is, YES.

There are no content and low-content books that can be created easily, then publish on Amazon, and start making money.

If this is a passive income you may be interested in, then keep reading for more information.

Self-publishing is a passive income type of business that you can start as a side hustle. In time you can turn it into a full-time income.

This is not a get-rich-quick method unless you do marketing and one of your books gets the best seller badge. Then you will be on the front page and sell loads of books and make good money.

In this article, I will explain what no-content and low-content books are.

I will also give you an idea of how much money you can make when selling these books on Amazon.

Basically, this is an introduction to Self publishing low-content books on Amazon for passive income.


What Are No Content And Low Content Books?

These are books that we use at home or at the office to scribble notes and remember things, or simply keep track of what we do.

Let´s see some examples:

  • Notebooks: blank, lined, dotted, graph notebooks.
  • Journals: day planner, food journal, gratitude journal.
  • Logbook: Workout, pet care, mileage logbook.

Other low-content books will keep us busy and entertained during our free time.

  • Activity books
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring books

How To Create A Low Content Book

For the purpose of this article, I will just explain what you require to create a low-content book without going into much detail about the whole process.

To create a book you need:

  • A manuscript as book interior. These can be blank-lined pages (say 120 pages).
  • A book cover. This has to be nice to attract the buyer’s attention when browsing the net and shopping online.
  • A platform where you can upload your book. In this case, we are using Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon.

Once you have the above material ready, then the process to publish the book is quite easy. There are tools you can use to create the manuscript and the book cover yourself, or you can hire a designer.

To start with, there are free tools you can use, so practically you can start for free. Amazon does not charge you a penny to use the platform or to sell.

Kindle Direct Publishing platform is a bit elaborate to complete, but if you do the research and prepare all the documents beforehand, it becomes easier after creating the first few books.

The more complicated bit is the research. You have to find what people are looking for to be able to create a book that sells.

So before you start creating your book, you have to find the right keywords to use in your book title, subtitle, and description. This will make it easier for the customer to find your book and purchase it.

You can find this information on the Amazon search bar, or use keyword research tools.

So now you know it is possible to create a book without being a writer, and you can do it using free tools. But does self-publishing make you money?

How Much Money Can You Make From Self-Publishing On Amazon

Let´s have a look at some numbers of costs and sales.

The cost to print a paperback of 120 pages:

PaperbackPrinting Cost
Black ink2.29 USD
Color ink9.25 USD
KDP printing costs

Depending on the number of pages and the type of ink selected, Amazon will give you a minimum list price to cover the costs. You will then add your margin making sure you are not underpricing or overpricing your book, in line with your competition.

The difference between your selling price and the list price is your royalty.

The royalty is the amount you will earn on every book sold.

Assuming you make a royalty of 2.05 USD per book, this is how much you can earn per book in a month.


Best Seller RankBooks Sold in 30 daysYour Royalty in a month
500.0001 per day61.50 USD
100.00025 per day 1,537.50 USD
1.000147 per day 9,040.50 USD
Figures based on real sales


This article is an introduction to self-publishing on Amazon to earn passive income. This is not a quick way to make money, however, if you create paperbacks that are in demand, it is possible to make your first sale in the first couple of weeks.

No content books are notebooks and sketchbooks. Low-content books are journals, logbooks, trackers, planners, etc. Paperbacks with a bit more content are puzzles, activity books, and coloring books.

You create the book interior and the book cover and upload it on a platform called Kindle Direct Publishing. When a customer buys one of your books, Amazon will take care of the packaging, shipping, and all customer service.

You will not be in contact with your client, and you will receive a royalty for every book sold.

Self-publishing is easy to start and you can have your first book up for sale in less than 24hrs.

People who are consistent and persistent with self-publishing make a good full-time income.

I hope you find this introduction to self-publishing useful. I will be writing more about the process of creating book content, as well as the tools you can use.

Please share with your friends and family members who wish to start an online business from home.

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