Respondi Mingle vs Opignon Marketing – Which is Better

Want to earn some money in your free time? You can do some online surveys. Check out which one is better for you – Respondi mingle or O´pignon Marketing.

Respondi Mingle and O´pignon Marketing are both platforms to earn online via surveys and some other activities. These two platforms are the products of Europe-based companies.

O´pignon marketing is a paid online survey panel. Some say it is one of the best online panels out there.

On the contrary, mingle is a new website similar to other paid survey sites.

Two companies are of the same type. Let us make a comparison between them like Respondi Mingle vs O´pignon Marketing.

The article will disclose the facts about them. Having similarities in business causes excellent competition between them in the long run. First, we need to know about them and their business policies.

Let’s get right to it!

O´pignon Marketing

It is a French version of an international company that is called Pinecone Research. O´pignon marketing is one of the topmost online survey platforms. To create an account in O´pignon Marketing, you would need an invitation. Then fill up the required information quote and become a member of the pinecone research team. The members are also called the “Pine lists.”

Once you finish a given job, the money will be transferred to your bank account. PayPal and gift vouchers are also options for payment. Product testing is also included in their business. You may have a chance to review a product before it is launched.

Earning Procedure

An invitation is necessary from other pine list members. Then you can join the group of the most extensive market researchers in the world.

Your work will be sent via email. Usually, one or two tasks are given to the members each week.

That makes four to eight surveys in a month. The number of tasks that are given to them varies according to their experience. Each of the surveys takes five to ten minutes to complete.

Several products are also given to take your opinion about it. Products like food, office instruments, beauty ingredients, etcetera would be delivered to your house. In the meantime, the products might not hit the market yet.

The surveys must be done with honesty and dedication; no fluff will be tolerated. Every survey or review is monitored. You will earn as per the surveys you have completed and add points to your profile. Then you can use the money from your account.

The points might come in handy while buying some gift vouchers through it.


  • Highly flexible and user-friendly
  • The qualification will decide your difficulties with surveys
  • Give protection to your personal information
  • Cash-out any time
  • Redeem your points according to your desire
  • It does not require any trade balance


  • The site has no mobile app
  • It forces you to stay at your desk all time
  • Getting an invitation is hard these days
  • Authority can kick you out at any time
  • You should be above or equal to 18 years old
  • The location must be Europe, the USA, Canada

Respondi Mingle

Mingle is a sub-brand of a renowned research company named Respondi AG. They gather public opinion through these surveys. Then use it in their research to improve and grow the market all over the world.

It is like any other paid survey website but a little bit easier to use.

The money will be in your bank account at the end of the month.

Earning Procedure

Opening a mingle account will not cost you a penny. It is free for everybody. Just go to the website and sign up through the mail. Some additional information would be required. Then you are welcome to the platform.

In several ways, you can earn money on this platform. Different modes like surveys, questionnaires, reviews, and prize draws are available in mingle. Each of your survey tasks will add points to your profile.

When the point reaches thousands, its value decides. It is not as much as O´pignon Marketing. But the company gives you an offer in referring the site to others. If a referred friend joins mingle, you will get a cut of his earnings. Suppose the referred friend also invites another ten people. You will also get a cut from their earnings. 


  • Dependable
  • Several ways to get points and money
  • Registration is pretty easy
  • The mobile app is available
  • No monitoring


  • Customer service is not so good
  • The number of surveys does not increase
  • Payment is comparatively low
  • Questionnaires are low in number

How Legitimate Are They?

Respondi Mingle vs O´pignon Marketing

Yes, both of them are legit. An American company named Nielson operates O´pignon Marketing. Nielson is awarded by Better Business Bureau for their better marketing involvement worldwide. Then it is evident that their survey platform is trustable. They even got an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Respondi AG is the owner of Mingle. Having a reputation in quality market research worldwide, they maintain professionalism and their standards. That is why they associate with another well-known research association named ESOMAR. There is no possibility that these sites would be a scam.

A Short Comparison Table

The following short table will represent the facts of Respondi Mingle vs O´pignon Marketing

TopicsRespondi MingleO´pignon Marketing
Opening AccountFree and easy. Do not require an invitation.An invitation is required.
AvailabilityAlways open to new members. Availability depends on needs. Do not always remain open.
Payment ScaleVery low compared to O´pignon Marketing.Very high compared to Mingle
Mobile AppThey have this kind of benefit.Do not have any App to date.
LocationOnly in the UK. UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and some other regions in Europe.
Payment MethodDo not have any online process. Only through the amount transfer to your bank. Online payment methods are available like PayPal.
Customer ServiceNot so good. Comparatively better.
Respondi Mingle vs O´pignon Marketing

Bottom Line

This concludes our in-depth discussion about Respondi Mingle vs O´pignon Marketing. We hope you will understand the facts about them. If you want to earn some money, you should choose the most reliable one. That does not mean you should quit your job.

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