Make Your Own Affiliate Blog With Elementor

Are you tired of spending all your day searching for a good page builder? Well, Elementor is the page builder plugin you are looking for! Read our quick guide to know how to get started with this plugin and then you are ready to make your own affiliate blog with Elementor.

Not everyone is made for 9 to 5 jobs. But, don’t worry! There is always a solution. It is never too late to start fresh. If you are not contented with your current situation or want to make some extra cash, affiliate marketing can be an excellent option for you. You don’t have to have your own product or service. All you have to do is help others to make money by advertising their product. How it works is that when someone buys your merchant’s product from your referral, you get a percentage from the sale.

To do affiliate marketing, you will need a platform to reach potential buyers. If you already have a page, you are good to go, but if not, then you can easily create one in no time.

Elementor: Page Builder Plugin

Having a simple web page is not enough to attract sales leads. You will need a well-organized and eye-catching web page to stand out from other pages. There´s no reason to get worked up here! You won’t have to be a tech geek to create a website

With Elementor, you can quickly build a page. It is a website builder for WordPress. It is easy to use once you know the basics.

Even though Elementor is free, it is one of the best WordPress page builders available in the market. Some main features of Elementor are:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Pop-up builder
  • Integration

For today, let’s get into how to download Elementor and how you can use it. Just follow the steps, and you will know everything you need to in order to use this website builder.

Why use Elementor

Creating a website that fulfills all your requirements, as well as the purpose of the creation, can be challenging. Even the pro website developers face several problems when building the pages one by one, maintaining the overall aesthetics and uniqueness. While developers like WordPress makes it easier to develop websites, there are still some limitations that hinder the website-building speed. But Elementor helps in building the website pages effectively without consuming much of your valuable time. Here’s how:

1. It is quite user-friendly – letting you control all of its options as well as features, easily ensuring a smooth website building experience for you.

2. The widgets come with excellent functionality – they can be customized in the page builder. You can easily drag them and drop them on your page. They come with videos, texts, headlines, galleries, and many other convenient options. You can even rearrange them just as you want by dragging and dropping anywhere you want on your page.

3. Elementor offers you an endless number of designs –  you don’t have to worry about how to make your website look unique from any other website. All you have to do is explore as much as you can and find the perfect design for your page.

4. Elementor comes with hundreds of excellent pre-made templates – no need to waste your time designing new templates. Check their collection and find the one suitable for your website.

5. You have more control over this plugin than any other – you can customize the site based on your requirements and preferences. You can resize, rearrange all the contents as you please.

Elementor Installation Process

Here’s how you can install Elementor:

1. Go to Elementor and GET STARTED.

2. A pop-up window will show up. Select from the two options, depending if you already have a wordpress site or not and then follow the instructions.

Elementor and WordPress

With Elementor, you will not only be able to create a page, but you can also edit your existing page.

To create a new page on WordPress:

1. Go to your WordPress account and, in the dashboard, look for ‘pages.’ Then click on ‘add new.’

2. You will find the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button. Click on it too. It will take you to Elementor Page Builder.

Building your first page on Elementor

The process of building a page has three key building blocks: 

  • Section 
  • Columns
  • Widget

Explore them properly before you start using them. Now, here’s how you can build your first page on Elementor:

  1. In the Elementor page editor, you will find “form”. Open it. You will see the option to select the section structure. Select your preferred structure.
  2. To see all the sizes of the columns, all you have to do is click on the columns. To edit the size, drag the boarders.
  3. To add widgets, select the ‘element’ button on top, and a list of available widgets will show up. For example- columns, heading, video, google maps so on.
  4. After deciding what widgets you want to add on your page, click on the icons, and drag them to the column area.
  5. After adding your preferred widgets, you will see the element setting option. For different elements, the editing option will be different. Customize them according to your preference.
  6. To duplicate, add, or remove a column, click on the ‘column’ tab. There you will find these three options.
  7. Click on the ‘responsive mode’ button to check if the page looks just the way you want it to in a different type of device. If something does not look right, you can go back to the ‘section’ tab and relocate things.
  8. Now, check again, and if everything looks perfect, you can click on ‘save’ to save your edits.
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If you have been with us till now, you now have all the basic knowledge that you need to use Elementor. So, don’t waste your time; start building your first ever site. Whether you are a pro developer or someone new to this, Elementor can help you create the best web pages without spending much time and effort. It is easy to use, and we hope our guide helped you to understand its basics.

Do let me know your thoughts and experience in the comments below. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this neat resource and plugin to help web marketers build a first class quality affiliate blog. There are too many people who will shy away from this amazing opportunity because it seems like something that would require advanced computer skills, but it’s great to have these resources to make pro-results a reality for beginners with Elementor!

    • Hi Aly, Exactly. With so many helpful tools available, building a well designed blog is now accessible to all. Thank you for sharing your insight. 

  2. Hello there! Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I find it very informative and educative and its really useful to me. I’ve heard of many affiliate programs and I think wealthy affiliate is the only one I joined the platform because its legit. But going through your article, I think elementor is equally nice so i’d definitely give it a try..

    • Hi, thank your for reading my site. I¨m happy to hear you are also a happy member at Wealthy Affiliate. Elementor is an additional tool and you can create awesome pages by using the templates available. 

  3. Hello there, thanks so much for this very detailed an informative post on Elementor. I have always wanted my business to take a new look by taking it online in order to reach more people,  but the thought of building a website has really been overwhelming for me. After reading this article I really feel so good to know that with eliminator I am able to build my website for my business. Indeed this post really met me well.

    • Hi ya, I am happy to hear you are willing to venture with your business online. It is the way to go in the present day. I hope you like Elementor and find it useful. Thank you for writing. 

  4. Hey nice article you have there. I have heard little about Elementor from a friend. Having gone through this article, I now have a better perspective of it. It is indeed the right platform I need to create a unique web page to attract traffic to my website. With this initiative, I am convinced to have my website all set. Downloading it as soon as possible, will be a great deal for me

    • Hey, glad to hear this article has been helpful. I hope you enjoy using it and creating awesome posts. Thank you for writing. 


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