What is The Best WordPress Theme For A Blog ? 10 Light & Responsive Themes

what is the best WordPress theme for a blog-banner

Do you want to make your blog posts load faster and you wonder what is the best WordPress theme for a blog? Try using lighter themes for your blog posts. Here are some of the best light and responsive themes you can choose from. WordPress is relatively popular when it comes to creating websites and … Read more

The Thrive Themes Review | All You Need To Know

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How to Use Gutenberg Editor in WordPress | Easy and Fun

If you are using WordPress version 5.0 or higher, then you are using Gutenberg Editor, now called Block Editor. Today I will show you how to use Gutenberg Editor in WordPress with examples. This includes: Inserting or Adding Blocks Configure Your Blocks Move Blocks Around Manage Block Settings Note: When upgrading to the latest WordPress … Read more