Top 5 Autoresponders of 2023

For successful email marketing, installing an autoresponder tool to send automated emails is immensely important. For the successful marketing of your business, we have reviewed some of the best autoresponder software for you to choose from. Check out the following top 5 autoresponders of 2023.

Marketing strategies have become much smarter in recent times. Email marketing is a crucial component of online marketing now. To serve this purpose, autoresponder software should be a tool of every marketer’s choice.

To ensure efficient email marketing, you should opt for automated tools. That is where autoresponders come in.

What are AutoResponders?

Autoresponders are a series of time-based or automatic emails that are sent to subscribers once they sign up to your email list. This is supposedly one of the best ways of gaining customers from subscribers. By sending educational information and entertaining content, along with some emails regarding sales occasionally, you can build trust with your prospective customers in no time.

An auto-responder helps in organizing your subscriber list, schedules emails, allows you to determine the type and frequency of email you want to deliver, and it even lets you track how many of the emails were opened.

When you install an auto-responder tool, you will be assigned a dashboard that will allow you to predetermine the rules, following which the emails will be sent out. Through this, you can decide the specifics of when to send what email, and whom to deliver it to.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the best auto-responder software out there to take your online marketing up a level!

Top 5 Auto responders

#5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact has gained tremendous popularity among its users. It offers a wide variety of graphics for emails. This auto-responder tool will help you get started with your large list of subscribers without any hassle.

Pros of Constant Contact

  • Offers 60 days free trial
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Wide range of templates is available
  • Beginner Friendly

Cons of Constant Contact

  • Above average price
  • After the free trial, most of the automated features come with the “Email Plus” plan which starts from $45/per month


This autoresponder service starts at $20 for a maximum of 500 contacts per month. For $65, you can reach 5000 contacts. And for 10,000 contacts, you will have to count $95.

#4. GetResponse

Aimed at small businesses, the GetResponse autoresponder is very easy to use. Its dashboard and statistics are easily accessible. Moreover, you can import the mailing list and demographic segmentation that would help you analyze the database with transparency.

Pros of GetResponse

  • Offers 30 days free trial
  • A section for comprehensive help is available
  • After the free trial, it still offers the lowest-priced plan

Cons of GetResponse

  • To avail of advanced automation features or even webinars, you’ll need to take the Plus Plan.


Pricing for this autoresponder starts from $15 for 1000 contacts per month. For $45, you will get 5000 contacts and for 10000 contacts, it is $65.

#3. MailChimp

In just the last couple of years, the MailChimp autoresponder has made exceptional progress in the market owing to its exceptional functionalities and performance. If you are a beginner in email marketing, this autoresponder will give you a smooth experience.

Pros of MailChimp

  • Offers 30 days free trial
  • Integrated with over 300 apps, including SeedProd’s Maintenance Mode Pro, Canva, etc.
  • Offers drag and drop template, which is very easy to use
  • Features Customer Relationship Management tools, which would help increase sales and grow the business.

Cons of MailChimp

  • The free plan allows many ads
  • The free plan would let you build a multi-step autoresponder sequence
  • It does not feature demographic segmentation or an account health meter, as a result, this autoresponder tool lags behind its competitors.


This service is free for up to 2,000 contacts. The price starts at $9,99 for 50,000 contacts. For 100,000 contacts, the price is $14,99 and for 200,000+ contacts, it is $299 every month.

#2. ConvertKit

This autoresponder built for creators, such as podcasters, bloggers, or designers. For inbound marketing, this autoresponder is incomparable in terms of performance and functionalities. Apart from that, although this platform has advanced inbound marketing programs, such as analytics and forms, it is very easy to use.

Pros of ConvertKit

  • Its polished delivery mechanism is well-suited for bloggers
  • For segmentation, it offers a variety of methods. You can even assign labels to customers.
  • With 30 templates to choose from, you can design an attractive landing page to draw customers to your business.
  • Very easy to set up, it only takes a few seconds.

Cons of ConvertKit

  • To unlock most features in the free plan, you will first need to send an invitation to a friend.
  • Automation functionality is not available in the free plan


Its cheapest plan is $29 for up to 1000 contacts. And for 3000 contacts, the price is $49 per month.

#1. AWeber

AWeber is one of the most popular autoresponders out there, and rightfully so. They are one of the pioneers in the autoresponder tools market. Offering more than 600 templates, it is incorporated with major clients like Hotmail, Gmail, etc. It offers an upfront solution to small email lists. Lists over 25,000 emails are also manageable at a relatively higher price.

Pros of AWeber

  • Offers 30 days free trial
  • All of its features are available on the free trial
  • Powerful segmentation and automation tools
  • Attractive support materials including live webinars and master class sessions are available even in the free plan.

Cons of AWeber

Above average price NOW AWeber is FREE TO JOIN. Check out the sensational news in the video below:

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.


The AWeber autoresponder serves 500 subscribers on its cheapest plan, which is $19 a month. For 10,000 contacts, the price is $69 a month.


We have presented some of the best autoresponder tools for the ease of your email marketing. With a proper marketing strategy, your businesses will achieve booming success in no time. We wish you good luck!

Do let us know which autoresponder you use in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I’m new to blogging and it’s good to see all these options i can choose from for an autoresponder. I had heard of mailchimp before and thought it was the leading one in the industry, but now i think AWeber might be the one for me when i get down that road.

    • Hey, thank you for writing. Definitely Aweber is one of the favourite with bloggers right now. Besides, they have recently added more value as you can join for free. Wish you success. 


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