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In today’s world, we use Google products from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, sometimes even while we sleep! Google is all around us, from our computer screens to our pockets. Not to mention, the search engine and the browser we use every day: Google and Google Chrome. Google Chrome is easily one of the most used and customisable web browsers out there.

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Aside from these, Google has tools for both the most basic of tasks and a more in-depth analysis of your business. Google has tools that you can use to monitor, analyze, and to advertise your business on.

The tools mentioned here are all useful and functional, and using them will certainly benefit you. So, here are some of the best Google products for your affiliated marketing adventures.

1. Gmail

Let’s start with the most basic, yet essential tool you need, Gmail – an excellent and reliable email service. Gmail is the best email service you can get your hands on, and it is free to use!

If you ask around, you will find that everyone has Gmail accounts, and every software is using Gmail to sign up people. It is, without a doubt, mighty email service that is very fast, to say the least.

SO, using Gmail is excellent to communicate with your team and your clients as well as upgrading your primary account to a Gsuite can be a very good investment.

2. Google Docs, Slide and Sheet

If you have just installed Google Chrome and went to the extension page, you will always find the bundle of these three apps. The combination of these three apps is equivalent, if not better, than Microsoft’s Words, PowerPoint, and Excel.

The differentiating factor for these apps is the ability to collaborate. With Google Docs, Slide, and Sheet, you can work with your team on the go and see what someone is typing in real-time.

Even though Microsoft also has an online platform for Word, it is very bare bone and lacks the feature the desktop app does. On the other hand, these three apps from Google are feature-rich, and with a chrome extension, you can use them offline too.

3. Google Search Console

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Google Search Console will help you ensure that your website is running well and coming up with results as expected. Think of it like this, you have just opened a business, and after a lot of investment and hard work, you’ve prepared a website. You’ve launched your site, but the site doesn’t get any traffic, no rankings, nothing.

To help you deal with this kind of situation comes Google Search Console. With Google Search Console, you can review your site’s performance, optimize it, and fix these issues.

4. Google Adsense

When you’re watching videos of your favorite YouTuber on YouTube, you will see ads popping up on the side or bottom of the video; this is the work of Google Adsense.

What Google Adsense does is, it places ads on websites. In this way, when people view these ads, you will be generating profit. For example, if you have a blog or a business site where you post articles, you can utilize Adsense over there.

With decent traffic on your website, it can act as a revenue stream. The best part about this is that once you set it up, it will run by itself, and you won’t have to give it any second thought.

However, this shouldn’t be your only way to generate revenue. Unless you have thousands of viewers coming to your website daily, don’t expect to make a lot out of Adsense. It’s incredible for what it does, but it certainly isn’t an answer to all problems.

5. Google Adwords

Google products services list-adwords

Google Adwords is the opposite of Adsense. Instead of showing ads on your site, you put your ad on Adwords, and Google puts it on display on other websites, making it a great way to promote your business.

The way this works is that, to advertise your product/service/content, you will pay Google a certain amount every day, and Google will do its magic. Beside promoting, another reason you ought to use this is for measurability. This is because the reach per promotion is measurable and rarely fluctuates.

6. Google Trends

Whether you’re an upcoming businessman or you’re thinking of a new product, Google Trends will be of enormous help. For example, in the last two or three years, we have seen retro technologies being revamped while maintaining that same retro aesthetics.

Now, if you were thinking of putting out such a product but were unsure if people would buy it or not, Google Trends could help you figure that out. As of now, Google Trends might not be able to predict the next big thing, but it will give you an idea of what’s popular.

You can use this service to understand what’s popular and use those words, tags, buzzwords to promote your product, and write articles on to increase traffic.

Overall, using this, you can cater to a new audience without putting in much effort in finding what’s popular these days.

7. Google Alert

Google Alert and Google Trends go hand in hand. With Google Alert, you can automate the process of finding popular keywords and trends. This is ideal for content creators and individuals who run a firm dedicated to content creation.

For example, if you are a content creator, you can ask Google Alert to notify you when someone writes a piece containing a particular keyword you found on Google Trends. In this way, when someone writes a piece containing the said keyword, you will be notified.

Hence, you can understand how people perceive a trend, where it is going, and create your model based on the pieces that are already done. It’s an excellent tool for any content creator.


These are some of the best tools to use for affiliate marketers, content creators, and business people. Using these products from Google will help you increase the chances of people finding your product before anyone else’s!

Ensure that you make use of the. The products are all FREE except for Google Ads. Good Luck!

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