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Do you want to associate with Beachbody and earn through their innovative business plan? For your convenience, we have made a comprehensive review of this MLM company.

Founded in 1998, Beachbody is an MLM company that sells everything you need to get fit, including 700+ exercises and fitness plus nourishment plans.

Launched by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, in just two decades, Beachbody has become one of the largest fitness companies.

The headquarters of Beachbody is located in Santa Monica, California, the location of the world-acclaimed muscle beach.

They also expanded their program to multiple countries around the world.

Who is Beachbody?

Beachbody initially started by producing many popular instructional videos and nutrition programs like

  • 21-Day fix,
  • INSANITY, and
  • P90X.

Their nutrition programs aren’t just enhancements or meal substitutions; they are whole projects intended to assist clients with creating solid propensities and take a gander at nourishment in a totally different manner.

After a brief period, the company grew from providing fitness instructional videos and diet plans to nutrition supplements. They created and delivered their lead sustenance supplement called Shakeology in 2009, which is now one of their top products and is viewed as a super food nourishment shake.

As the company grew, in 2007, they brought in independent distributors for network marketing, known as independent coaches.

Coaches are required to give guidance, responsibility, and inspiration to their clients. Now, Beachbody consists of more than 350,000 coaches.

The only catch despite everything is that most coaches don’t earn any cash, and many are misdirected into joining by guarantees of bogus earning potential. Apart from all the scrutiny, they have annual revenue of more than $1 billion.

After going through their business model and thorough research, we don’t think that Beachbody is a scam. This MLM company has remained generally clean with regard to fines and examinations in comparison to other fraudulent business models. They don’t offer any “before” and “after” photos of transformation either to stay away from scam allegations.

Beachbody On Demand Programs

Beachbody used to offer their programs through DVDs. Now, their workout programs are offered on request through their site.

Along with various nutrition contributions, this company offers around 50 distinctive exercise programs. They offer proper instructional videos along with diet plans to make you fit in a short amount of time.

One of their most popular programs is the P90X; it is an entire exercise plan that provides a fun time while getting you completely fit in 90 days.

They also offer a three-week yoga retreat and a 21-day fitness program to lose weight effectively. They also offer numerous physical items; for example, their famous Shakeology item and different enhancement items. The new crunchy chewy snack bar named BEACHBAR has become quite popular in a short span of time.

Although all of their products sell very well individually, Beachbody promotes its product bundles too. In their nutritional videos, the company puts challenges of completing a total diet with their products.

To become a coach in Beachbody, you need to pay $39.95 forthright, which includes all instruments to help run your business successfully. The coaches need to pay $15.95 every month to continue their partnership with Beachbody.

Who is Beachbody for?

Beachbody is very popular among fitness enthusiasts who want the ultimate result after their fitness program. It is also an ultimate option for independent coaches who can earn commissions and discounts by training individuals to get fit.

Legal Ratings

BBB rating of Beachbody is A+, and it has been accredited since 2002. Beachbody also has a valid license to produce nutritional supplements.

Pros of Beachbody

Genuine Products and Services

The products and services that Beachbody offers actually help individuals to stay healthy and fit. From long term instructional videos to short term hardcore training plans, it offers all.

Retail commissions

The distributors will earn a 25% commission on all products they sell. You can also earn a commission up to 40% on each on-demand Membership purchase.

Good Marketing Strategy

They moved on from any sneaky marketing strategy, and, now, they have strong tactics with proper scientific evidence to back them up.

Have Professional Coaches

The coaches are the backbone of their business model. They choose the coaches after proper inspection of their abilities. Mentors are urged to show others how it’s done and archive their own wellness ventures on social media, so clients can see the outcomes and advantages of the Beachbody’s products.

Challenge Pack Bonus

This is a reward that is paid the first time one of the coaches buys a Beachbody Challenge Pack. The packs extend in cost from $140 up to $300. The commission you can get when any newcomer joins depends upon which pack they purchase.

Cons of Beachbody

Difficult to Make a Profit

Since there is no organic demand, it’s normally difficult to earn money with this type of MLM companies. The Beachbody’s independent coaches need to pay a significant amount of cash before even starting to earn anything, so it is comparatively tough to earn a profit.

Bad Reputation

The lawsuit from the city of Santa Monica over credit card renewals in 2017, for which the company had to pay $3.6 million, had a huge impact on the reputation of the company.


To sum up, with all the allegations aside, Beachbody is still a profitable business with some legitimate products that help people stay fit. It holds a huge part of the fitness and wellness industry and helps out independent coaches. We hope our review gave you a clear understanding of the company and about whether its business model is convenient to commit to.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us all. I actually value all you have shared here in this review of beachbody. Actually I was told about this platform. Though I’m not particular about being a coach, I’m just looking for a coach to be trained by and get fit. However, good to know every facet of this company how credible they are. Good one here

  2. Hello there – Thank you for this article on Beachbody – Review 2020. I have come across beach body pogram on various advertisements but did not actually know how good it is. I have tried p90x in the past but for some reason did not know it was by beach body or forgot about it. It worked for me while I was following the program but I gained back as soon as I stopped doing it. The coaches program sounds amazing. 

  3. Beach body is a lot more than I thought it was. In my head, they were just exercise videos, but they seem to have surpassed that. This is an informative review. This review gave a good insight into what the company is about and what they have to offer. I like the break down of the business and the mention of the pros and cons. It looks like an interesting venture.


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