Dagcoin – Review 2021| Are Dags Our Future Digital Currency?

The cryptocurrency world is a volatile one- the valuation is always rising or falling unpredictably. Dagcoin might be the solution investors need to be thinking about right now.

Intro to Dag-Chain & Dagcoin?

DAG-Chain, which refers to a Directed Acyclic Graph, is a non-blockchain technology. Dagcoin was created in 2016 by Kris Ress and Nils Grossberg, both of whom are experienced in the fields of network marketing. Their head office is located at Tallinn in Estonia. 70 people, the majority being software developers, are employed at present.

Out of the nine billion Dagcoins created, about 1.5 billion was circulated within a community comprising more than 100,000 investors.

By limiting users from selling the crypto they buy, Dagcoin aims to last for the long term- investments are designed to rope in users to make further investments. Bonuses are only available if you seek to stay in the Dag market.

To understand the history of Dagcoins, you must be familiar with the DAG structure, which emphasizes the fact that there are no fixed blocks: individual transactions carry their own proof or history. DAG transactions are linked from one to the consequent one; if you purchase one Dagcoin, the next transaction will be linked to this – no proof of employment or earlier transaction history verification is required, thus consuming little CPU power.

IOTA and Byteball are two examples of cryptocurrencies currently using the DAG-chain technology. Optimization in the fronts of storage and dynamic update of the DAG–chain make it more environmentally friendly.

Dagcoin Review – Specs

LicensesFVR001172; FRK001058
Transaction fee0.00005 Dag
Average Transaction time30 seconds
Each Dagcoin Worth0.63 €
Total Distribution9 billion Dags
Distribution %5% team, founders, advisers / 95% community
Market cap1 228 500 000€
Available inSwipeX
Specs Source: Dagcoin.com

How To Buy Dagcoin

At present, Dagcoins can only be bought at one exchange site- SwipeX. It has an official license and accepts payments in fiat currency (a medium of exchange). Besides, codes or advanced technical analyses are shared with customers for recommendations and improvements.

It is taking the cryptocurrency world to a new height.

DagPay, Merchant Finder, DagWallet, Webwallet, etc. are some ventures developed by the founders currently; more are in the preliminary stage of approval.

How To Become a Member of Dag University

To be a member of the DAG University, investors need to buy the course on a wide range of topics and get rewarded with Dagcoins. The topics include sales, marketing, digital marketing, presentations, leadership, etc.

To get started on Dagcoin, you must begin availing one of the following plans:

Basic — $20 (no weekly interest)

Starter — $100 for 100 dagcoins

Explorer — $500 for 500 dagcoins

Advanced — $1000 for 1000 dagcoins

Expert — $2500 for 3000 dagcoins

Pro — $5000 for 6000 dagcoins

Mentor — $12,500 for 17500 dagcoins

Investor — $25,000 for 35000 dagcoins

In addition, you won’t be able to sell your Dagcoin for a period of eight months at least, during which you will be earning a rate of interest of 3% on your existing Dagcoins. After the eight-month period, investors get paid half of their earnings instantly while the other half is kept for an additional eight months. You can continue to earn via recruitment (paid at 10%) and residual commissions (handled by binary systems). Whatever your earnings, 35% must be reinvested into Dagcoins.

Who is Dagcoin for?

Most cryptocurrencies are suitable for one or more particular functions. Dagcoins are best used for mobile payments, games, merchants, financial services, payment solutions, etc. It is not currently listed on an external exchange. So, investors who don’t mind investing in internal exchanges can look into Dagcoins. Aside from that, Dagcoin is usable via the SwipeX exchange platform only at present.

More info in this video:

Legal Ratings

Dagcoin has licenses for their business and services in Estonia. SwipeX also has a legal standing and a valid financial license. However, it doesn’t have BBB accreditation.

Pros of Dagcoin

Wallet with Back Up

Dagcoin Wallet can be fully accessed and synced on a wide range of devices. It is also available for free to users.

Reduced Transaction Confirmation Time

No external miner is required; the approval of the present transactions is dependent on the history of earlier transactions. A million transactions are processed in a second. Contrary to the blockchain, the greater the number of users, the faster the processing.

Decrease in the Cost of Transactions

No external miner is required, so making transactions use less energy and, thus, is less costly.

Low Transaction Fee

The transaction fee is fixed and is relatively low – at approximately 0.0005 USD. It is not dependent upon networks either.

Open Source Platform

DAG-chains are open source platforms, allowing anyone to view the code. Thus, everyone can make contributions to its development and improvement.


The validation of miners requires the use of enormous amounts of energy, leading to greater cost and more damage to the environment. Moving away from blockchain technology is, therefore, sustainable.

Cons of Dagcoin

Bad Publicity

A lot of investors are afraid to make investments in Dagcoin due to the bad rumors surrounding its origin and future success. More importantly, many people don’t understand the technology and think that the high transaction speeds are just a hoax. The fact that the owner had been an employee at Onecoin doesn’t help with its reputation either.

No Products

Dagcoin doesn’t sell a single product or service to retail customers, and affiliates for the company only market to people looking for a new opportunity to join or earn.

Not in Public Exchanges or in the Public Market

Dagcoin has delayed its listing on SAN external exchange, which makes it prone to mistrust and disbelief. Not everything off public markets is a scam, though.


A new direction in cryptocurrencies has been created with the onset of the DAG-chain technology. Customers now want to get more out of cryptocurrencies. How many users are investing in it, how fast transactions take place, the history, the markets available for it, the number of transactions, the usability, etc. – all of it matters.

Customers are no longer focused on the value of the coin only because all of these play a major role in determining the fate of the cryptos. Dagcoin is slowly but surely gaining popularity. Now may be a good time to learn all about it and invest in it.

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  1. Hello Marisa, thanks for sharing this article. Cryptocurrency is making a real huge wave in our world are so many people are looking for means to invest in it which have been a great deal for all of us. Seeing a new coin is really nice and so if there is a potential in it, them it’s sure ti get some really great investors 

    • Hi Justin, quite a few digital currencies have emerged so far and investors are always on the lookout for the next crypto that will explode so they will invest in it. Thank you for sharing your views on crypto.

  2. I’m not so learned in the art of crypto currency but I have given some good airdrops a try in the past and they all are just there. It seems like they didn’t do an airdrop for this one when it first kicked off. I think though that it would be very nice for me to be able to give this one a try. I need to buy the courses though, to be able to join the community and I’ll do that.

  3. Wow! This definitely has the credentials of becoming the recognised coin and very well respectable one at that. I like the fact that this coin has it all and can make the real difference for us. The transaction time killed it for me ad it is one of the fastest I have seen till date. Quote a worthy one in here. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. It’s very true that crypto currency is always rising in a very drastic way and if it’s gonna fall, it’s always surprising but what I love about it is it is always good to know how to trade and use your crypto. Dagcoin is a good crypto currency but I don’t like the fact that it not in the public market

    • Hi Bruce, thank you for sharing your insight on crypto. I do believe digital currency is the future money. Which crypto currency will make it is still to be discovered?

  5. Thank you for the heads up on Dagcoin. Although this is the first time I hear of this specific one I am in general very wary about anything that has to do about cryptocurrency. I think for anyone that wants to make money online there are better ways to do it. For me it is not worth it if you are a complete novice and have no idea what to do.

    • Hi Stratos, thank you for your comment. I do make money investing in bitcoin, however, I do agree with you that it is important to be knowledgeable on cyptocurrency first. I would suggest getting some training first or follow a coach.  


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