Best Inbound Lead Generation Tools

Are you looking for lead generation tools for your business? We present to you some of the best inbound lead generation tools you can find.

Before we start talking about the online tools, we must first understand what inbound lead generation tools are. Inbound lead generation tools are the tools that help you to bring more leads to channels you conduct your business on.

Such tools can help you attract good leads for your business without requiring you to know a lot about coding yourself. While picking a tool for your business, you need to look for two key components, one is usability, and another is integration.

Usability refers to the ease of use, and integration means the software’s ability to integrate itself between other tools when you may need to share data.

The main goal of using such tools is to help you achieve what you couldn’t without the help from that software or at least make the process faster as well as more effective.

When you’re looking to buy such software, you should be wary of its price to feature ratio. You want to make sure you’re getting all the features you need with the amount that you’re paying. You also need to keep in mind that at different price points, you may not get all the features. The usage will vary from one price point to another. So, it is crucial that you understand how the pricing works and adjust the expenses of your business according to what you are getting.

We will be focusing on some of the best inbound lead generation tools you can get. With these inbound lead generation tools, you can increase the volumes of traffic you get on your website to maximize the impact you can get with your strategies for on-page lead generation.

So, here are some of the best tools you can use for inbound lead generation:

5. Quora

Unless you have been living under a rock, or you’ve never been on the internet, you have to have heard of and used Quora. Quora is a one-stop place for all the answers you are looking for on the internet. Regardless of what the subject is, you can find answers to your question on the site. Not only that, you can also ask questions over there.

This makes Quora a great place to generate inbound leads. If you search for the topics related to your business, you will find that there are thousands of people asking questions related to your business or the industry in which you operate.

There, you can answer these questions with the enriched knowledge you have. By doing this, you will passively let the audience know about your company, what benefits you provide and what you are selling. This, in return, will lead potential leads to your website and increase the leads you will generate.

Furthermore, using Quora is absolutely free, giving it all the more reason to use it as an inbound lead generation tool.

4. SlideShare

Whether you’re a recruiter or someone looking for a job, you have used LinkedIn. If you have been using LinkedIn, you may have heard of SlideShare. In 2012, SlideShare joined forces with LinkedIn, making SlideShare one of the largest tools for lead generation to attract the B2B audience.

In SlideShare, you have to chance to post slides describing any subject. With the help of SlideShare, you can present your business there and tell people why they should come over to your website and buy whatever you are selling.

The key component to using this website to generate inbound leads is to make sure the slide you share is not only well-designed, but also that they make sense to the audience. By nailing these two key components, you are raising the chances of your slide to be featured on SlideShare’s homepage. Also, if your presentation is good enough, your slide may stay on their website for a day or two.

This way, thousands of people will not only view your slide, but it may even pop up every time someone searches the topic on which you presented. This, on return, will generate a huge amount of leads for your website. To put the cherry on the top, SlideShare is also free to use.

3. Hootsuite

In today’s world, social media sites are a great platform to generate leads. With the increasing number of users for these social media platforms, it will be a shame if one doesn’t utilize these platforms to generate more leads. With the help of Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram have become great places to place your ads and products to not only generate inbound leads but also to engage with your audience.

That being said, managing these platforms can be very time-consuming. That is where Hootsuite comes in. With Hootsuite, you can manage all your social media platforms from one app. With this app, you can also get insights about your posts. In addition, you can schedule your post and automate them.

With Hootsuite, you will need to pay $25 per month.

2. Everwebiner

Everwebiner is a great tool that allows you to do email marketing with automation. With this software, you can not only automate but also schedule your webinars to play at a specific interval for your users, creating a live experience. The goal of the software is to increase the engagement and the attendance of the users as well as letting them know that the next webinar is about to begin.

For Everwebiner, you pay a one-time fee of $497.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a great place for everything related to business and entrepreneurship. And, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most powerful tools you can use if you want to attract a B2B audience and generate great inbound leads. With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, not only can you see the recommended lead receiving, but also see who viewed your profile. In this way, you can acquire leads to CRM directly from your LinkedIn.

The subscription of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator starts at $64.99 every month.

In conclusion

Regardless of your audience, these are great tools you can use to generate inbound leads. Using these inbound lead generation tools, you will surely see and increment in the leads you get. Good Luck!

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