Essential Bodywear MLM Review 2021| Sell A Bra That Fits Perfectly

Interested to know about Essential Bodywear, an emerging MLM company? Get to know the brand and the exciting journey that led to their success in this Essential Bodywear MLM Review.

Essential Bodywear is a multi-level marketing company hosting a line of women’s bodywear and accessories, bringing convenience and comfort at their doorstep. In this article, we will walk you through the story and products of Essential Bodywear and how they came to win the hearts of millions.

Who are Essential Bodywear?

Essential Bodywear was founded by Carrie Charlick and Marcia Negiro in 2003. The company began its journey in the basement of Marcia’s home, and as they grew steadily, they moved to office space and warehouse in 2004.

The company’s journey started with a bra, and they now sell essential bodywear that women need every day and yet struggle to find the right fit. The founders had noticed that shopping for women’s bra was a major inconvenience back then.

Most retailers did not allow customers to try them on, and even if they did, the trial process was not much convenient. If you are a woman, you must know what we’re talking about.

So, Carrie and Marcia decided to open a shop that would utilize a direct selling party plan model and make bra shopping much easier and fun for women.

The company began recruiting women to host bra parties in their homes. Are You kidding me? No, of course not. Ladies! You know this could be fun to organise and you are making money.

This not only trains new business people into the industry but also makes bra shopping much favorable for women.

They now have online stores as well. With Essential Bodywear, women can measure their bra size online and order one that fits perfectly. This hassle-free way of bodywear shopping has drawn thousands of women toward Essential Bodywear.

With a mission to “revolutionize the way women shop for bodywear,” Essential Bodywear set sail in Michigan, USA. Today, not only do they sell thousands of bras online, but they do so gracefully. Essential Bodywear takes pride in the fact that their bras are well-fitted and help women stand tall.

The company not only employs women, but they are also building a community of women who own their own Essential Bodywear business.

Way to go, girls!

The company calls its members Essential Bodywear Representatives, training them to strive for success along with their brands. They are all part of Essential Bodywear’s simple and basic retail structure. They don’t own a retail store, per se. All they have are warehouses where they ship your products from.

Bodywear Product Info

Essential Bodywear began manufacturing their own bras in 2006. They took the best features of the bras they retailed and revamped them to a revolutionary one: the Abbie.

Essential Bodywear took careful note of what their customers liked and what they didn’t to manufacture nothing short of best. Abbie soon became their best-seller due to its high comfortability and promising upkeep of the natural body shape of customers.

The bra even comes in beautiful colors like plum, toffee, raspberry, and more.

The company prioritizes fitting, and you will be provided with accurate measurement tools online and proper charts. There is no way the measurement will go wrong with Essential Bodywear. It’s almost like ordering custom-made bodywear, minus the hassle.

Moreover, the bras are heat molded. That means, they will fit into your body by molding your body heat within the first week of use. So even if you gain or lose weight, the bra will fit into your body size naturally, saving you a lot of trips to the local bodywear store. They generally offer bra sizes from 32A to 44I, enough to meet the demand of the majority of women around the world.

Besides bras, the company sells panties, workout wear, shape wear, maternity undergarments, and accessories. And the best part is, they are all very affordable, usually ranging from $50 to $100.

Who Are Bodywear Products For?

Essential bodywear is a company for women, by women! They have been making products for women of all ages around the world. The company was founded with the vision of uplifting women, and they have been rather successful in doing so. Since the beginning of their journey, Essential Bodywear has been making bodywear and undergarments that uplift women.

Not only do they sell to women, but the products are also designed and sold by women through a straightforward retail model.

Essential Bodywear also inspires and trains women to be independent business people through their direct selling party plan model. There is a base commission rate of 25 to 37% on retail sales with monthly payment terms for the Essential Bodywear representatives.

Essential Bodywear MLM Review – Legal Rating

Essential Bodywear has licenses for operation in the USA. They are a member of the Direct Selling Association and abide by all of its Code of Ethics. While BBB rating is not available for Essential Bodywear, stakeholder reviews suggest that they offer good credit quality.

Pros of Bodywear MLM

● The company offers a universal sizing system, where each size fits perfectly no matter what style they come in. This has also taken a huge load off the sales representatives who previously had to carry dozens of bras to meet the customer demands

● Essential Bodywear representatives have much flexibility in their job and can work in a very relaxed setting. 

Cons of Bodywear MLM

● The products are above average price point. However women know that a bra that fits well can change your lifetyle and worth the price.


Having offered customers with comfortable bodywear products in the perfect fit, Essential Bodywear has become a reliable name in the industry since its inception. They have been in the business long enough to know what it is exactly that customers look for in bodywear products, and Essential Bodywear carefully incorporates this experience to revamp the finest quality garments.

So, the next time a friend asks you where they can find a bra that fits and feels right, you can suggest them to try Essential Bodywear without a doubt.

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