How to Start a Lead Generation Business in 2021

Are you considering entering the lead generation industry? Here’s all you need to know on how to start a lead generation business in 2021.

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One of the most lucrative ventures of today is the online lead generation business. But, at the same time, it is one of the most competitive markets. So, if you’re planning on entering the industry, it’s best to come fully prepared. We can help you with some valuable insights into how to start a scalable online lead generation business. Read ahead to learn all about it!

What is Lead Generation Business?

Lead generation business is a part of the online marketing industry. It basically refers to generating leads for a particular company or business. And these businesses may range from insurance companies to overseas colleges.

To break it down, you will need to understand what a lead is. Simply put, lead is a person who shows interest in your products or service and initiates some sort of communication with you. They are basically your prospects presenting an opportunity for you to pursue a sale. To have prospects show interest or inquiry into your business is lead generation.

It is an opportunity to reach your prospects. A business needs a steady flow of leads in order to prosper. Many companies – large or small – now outsource this essential responsibility. And that’s where your lead generation business comes in.

Your job is to find clients or prospects for your client company, and this will earn you a big chunk of money in return.

While we are at it, note that no sale has to be made in the process. Instead, you’re providing the client company with some contact information on prospects that may or may not convert into clients.

The Aim of Lead Generation

So, what’s the purpose of lead generation, you may ask? Well, to put it very simply, it’s to convert your prospects into clients and increase sales for your business. This, in turn, helps a business grow and scale higher.

The first milestone of lead generation is to generate traffic to the business websites. Once that is done, the businesses pursue their visitors and work toward converting them into leads. As soon as you have the contact information – which could be the email address of your visitors – the next milestone is to convert leads into clients through various marketing strategies. This can be done through marketing automation, autoresponders, newsletters, paid advertisements, and so on.

How Do Online Lead Generation Businesses Make Money?

Lead generation businesses work for a client company and earn money for every lead they generate for them. While the size of your business site may vary and the pay may largely depend on your experience and reputation, the industry shows a lot of potential for people who are putting in the effort.

Simply put, you will earn an agreed-upon amount of money for every qualified lead you generate. Now, the criteria for qualified lead may vary from client to client. Some may require leads to fill out a couple of forms while, for others, a phone number may suffice. Once the requirements are met, you will receive a finder’s fee.

How to Start a Lead Generation Business

Find Your Niche

The ideal place to start is by choosing an industry that interests you. There are many industries that are looking for people to help them generate more leads. You can go for online conglomerates and small and middle-size enterprises (SME). As you are deciding on a niche, be sure to study demographics. Conduct market research and study how feasible each market may be for your business.

You can offer other services alongside lead generation – there’s no need to restrict yourself. Many online lead generation businesses also provide services like blog content writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and so much more.

The Financials

Once you have decided on what services you’re willing to offer, sit down to calculate the costs involved. You must also take into account your lead acquisition strategy, what tools you’re using, and overall profitability. Besides, you may have to pay a significant sum of money, depending on what region you’re from, for gaining a business license. Take all these factors into account and determine your package charge.

Lead Generation

Once your strategy is ready and price plans are set, you may begin to search leads for yourself. Set up a professional website that is easy to navigate and straightforward. Don’t complicate it with details. Include a strong call to action or CTA asking your prospects to contact you for more details or custom deals.

And don’t forget to create landing pages for your website, offer useful deals, and coupons every now and then.

Since you are in the traffic business, it shouldn’t be that difficult to generate leads for yourself. Optimize your website and posts, opt for social media branding, email marketing, and all that – you know the drill. The key to outranking your competitors is excellent SEO skills and inputting relevant backlinks to your website at every opportunity.

Managing Payments

So now that your business is actively looking for clients and you own a presentable website, you should prepare for what happens when your leads convert.

Decide on how you want to receive the payment. You can either choose to be paid per lead or receive a flat fee per month. You may even offer a deal of 10% of every closed business. And a hybrid payment model is not uncommon as well.

Long Term Plan

Reach out to prospects and offer your services. Since it is not a get quick overnight scheme, you may have to hold your patience as you are prospecting and closing deals. Once you have some client loyalty, scalability will not be an issue anymore. You can bid for new clients in various freelancing sites, and spread the word about your business. 


Launching your online lead generation business is not a walk in the park. It demands a lot of time and effort before your business may even begin to scale. However, the industry shows promise and has a high ROI, so your business is likely to thrive if you put in the work. We hope that our article has helped you understand how to start an online lead generation business. Best wishes!

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