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Are you looking for high-quality marketing automation tools that will help you grow your business venture online? Make sure to check out Hubspot Marketplace.

What is Hubspot?

Beginning its journey in 2006, Hubspot has built a remarkable reputation for providing marketers with a one-stop solution for boosting their sales.

They offer users a host of outstanding software for optimizing content, producing highly responsive landing pages, generating leads, and raising overall website score.

Their impeccable service has been praised by numerous affiliate marketers for helping them create captivating internet content. Some of their notable software include Sales Hub, Service Hub, Marketing Hub, Hubspot CRM, and so on.

Offered Packages and Pricing

Even though Hubspot is expensive compared to other marketing tools, it has three unique packages in store for content marketers. These plans are available in 3 different price points.

1. Starter Growth Suite

The Starter Growth Suite is the cheapest of the lot and has gained wide recognition for boosting sales of small businesses.

This package lets you produce pop-up forms that can effectively collect data from website visitors. On top of that, you will be pleased to find an exceptional re targeting tool that can run customized ads on the screens of potential buyers of different products. You will also be able to implement Live Chat on your website that can smartly interact with visitors. Finally, this suite comes with a tool to analyze and forecast revenue.

2. Professional Growth Suite

If you already own a mid-sized developed business, you might want to check out Hubspot’s Professional Growth Suite. Although this package comes at a significantly higher price tag than the Starter Growth suite, you will be receiving a plethora of useful marketing tools that make it worth every penny! For starters, you get the highly sought-after A/B Testing tool to optimize the layout of your website. However, one drawback to this plan is its limited support of only 1000 contacts.

3. Enterprise Growth Suite

The Enterprise Growth Suite is the perfect choice for content marketers who want to dive deep and explore all the neat tools and features Hubspot has to offer. This suite is suitable for large scale businesses with an enormous customer database and comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Upon purchase, you will be treated to a wide range of technical tools and advanced features. Moreover, this suite can support roughly 10,000 contacts at a time. Lastly, this suite makes use of Hierarchical Team Management plug-in which gives marketers greater control over email cap for customers.

Some Of Hubspot’s Best Software

Hubspot Marketing Hub

Affiliate marketers have praised the Hubspot Marketing Hub for its ability to generate numerous customer-friendly emails. You will find roughly 2000 templates with this plug-in, and they are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. This software also lets you create your template with its user-friendly template editor called What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). On top of that, Hubspot Marketing Hub lets you produce email straight from the workflow editor.

For increased convenience, the software gives you access to the templates from both mobile devices and computers.

Even the preview screens on both platforms are alike. You get three options to choose from while creating an email: Regular, Automated, and Blog/RSS.

The Regular option is perfect for generating customized emails for particular clients. On the other hand, the Automated option can be used to generate one customized email for a group of customers. Despite its benefits, many customers have expressed disdain for the Hubspot Marketing Hub’s user interface.

Sales Hub Professional

Hubspot’s Sales Hub professional is a very capable software suite that provides affiliate marketers with everything they need to optimize their content and attain sales growth. This outstanding sales console merges CRM, email marketing, and lead management. Moreover, there is an option to integrate this software suite with other pre-purchased Hubspot products. This product is simple enough to be used by both sales managers and sales representatives, and it can be easily implemented in complex sales operations. The suite has a central notification center to regularly provide updates to sales reps regarding new emails and leads. Sales Hub Professional also lets you organize live chat to different web pages. Furthermore, these live chats can even support bots for deploying automated messages.

Hubspot CRM

The Hubspot CRM can be bought as a stand alone product, even without purchasing the entire Sales Hub Professional suite. Users have raved about this product, and it is considered to be one of the top CRM applications in the market. This product works well with nearly all sales setting, and it brings minimal change to a company’s workflow. Moreover, Hubspot CRM is available free of cost, making it appropriate for new online sales businesses.

In contrast to other competing CRM software, the Hubspot CRM is less technical and has a simple user-friendly interface that all sales representatives can adapt to. This product also has a premier Google certification, and it can adjust to different niches and industries. It effectively manages communication between potential customers and sales reps, and it does not skimp on minute details. Lastly, Hubspot CRM can effortlessly integrate with other well-known support applications such as Zapier, Shopify, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Pros of using Hubspot

All Hubspot products come with a clean and simple user interface that all employees and employers can adapt to. Even users lacking in programming knowledge can easily use Hubspot’s product suites.

  • You receive a free trial of 7 days with several of Hubspot’s products.
  • Hubspot’s blogs are very useful in terms of educating and training current and potential users.
  • Hubspot offers businesses all the necessary marketing automation tools to start their sales journey in the online space.

Cons of using Hubspot

  • Most Hubspot products require users to sign up for a 12-month contract.
  • The price of Hubspot’s services can exponentially increase as businesses scale.
  • Several of Hubspot’s products are offered by competitors for free.


Hubspot’s services are great for both large and moderately sized businesses. Hubspot’s wide selection of marketing automation tools is likely to suit the needs of nearly all businesses. The Hubspot CRM and Sales Hub are among leading sales growth tool in the market and has achieved numerous accolades.

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