What is Content Marketing and is it Important to Rank?

You may have heard that SEO and ranking are all about content marketing. Well, it’s the truth of digital marketing, and we are going to break it down for you! This article will explain what is content marketing and whether is it important to rank.

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Digital marketers are constantly trying to solve the mystery of ranking and its future. Some believe that social media marketing is the answer while others think that it is the end of the era of guest blogging. While the mystery remains so, marketers have figured that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to rank high on search engines and generate higher traffic.

Focusing on keywords that your target audience is looking up on search engines can completely change the game for you. Are you wondering how important is content marketing to rank? Keep reading to find your answer.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is to create digital content as a part of a sales funnel and answer your audience’s questions. It helps generate traffic to your channel and convert visitors to leads.

Content marketing involves creating digital material such as a blog, vlog, social media posts, and more. It has proven to be so essential that content marketing makes up 47% of Companies’ marketing budgets.

You can communicate your brand’s stance and philosophy through effective content marketing. It carries your business tone, and style, and tells your story better than anything else.

Consistency in content marketing can help build faith and customer loyalty. It creates credibility and personifies your business. Content marketing offers businesses an opportunity to engage with customers and build a relationship. You can even create awareness for an upcoming brand through successful content marketing.

5 Benefits of Content Marketing

1. Build Brand Awareness

As you enter a new market, it’s highly likely that most people don’t know who you are and what you stand for, let alone your offerings. In order to thrive and generate more sales, you need to come to the attention of your target audience. How will you do that? Content marketing is an approach you can take to build brand awareness and let people know who you are.

You can create a 2 minutes video on YouTube or a thousand-word blog to spread the word. Research keywords that are trending in your niche and answer the questions your audience is looking for. Consistent content marketing is the key to getting maximum exposure. You’ll be able to generate more leads only when you have the credentials.

Make sure that you’re expressing your business philosophy and demonstrating your skills and offerings over and over again. Add powerful call-to-actions in your content in order to convert your traffic.

2. Effective Digital Marketing Solution

The whole idea of digital marketing is to reach as many people as possible and spread the word about your services and offerings. That’s precisely what content marketing does. It’s a marketing campaign and is a rather effective one.

You can leverage social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube in order to gain higher exposure. Note that creating top-notch content is the key to gaining better results. Text content is an ideal choice for websites that are thriving for higher ranking.

3. Generate Higher Leads

Generating higher leads is the whole point of content marketing. In fact, it’s the entire point of digital marketing itself. You cannot make sales unless you convert your leads.

Content marketing offers valuable insight into your niche, and it is the best way strangers can find and approach you. For example, suppose you sell bamboo plastics and have really ethical business philosophy. But your business is likely to fail if you cannot generate leads and convert them.

You can turn to content marketing in this case. Spread the word about your product and why people should buy it. You can create text or video content that spreads awareness about environmental pollution. So, when people look up relevant keywords, your brand name will appear in front of them. If your content is useful and interesting enough, you will have generated new leads even in your sleep.

Note that generating leads is not the same as making a sale. You will still have to pursue your leads in order to convert them into customers. There are many marketing automation solutions and autoresponders to help you with that.

4. Great for SEO 

How do they work together? SEO or Search engine optimization is the process that helps your content climb up search engine rankings. If your content is search engine optimized, it will generate more traffic and leads in turn. It helps increase your organic traffic.

On the other hand, content marketing means creating and circulating your content on various platforms in an effort to attract more traffic. Design your content to ensure that your audience can open a search engine, look up a keyword, and have your content appear at the top of the list. However, avoid being spam-y and offer useful information through your content.

5. Text Content Marketing is Forever

As the digital marketing landscape keeps evolving and introducing new trends every week, there is one thing that remains constant – demand for text content. You can leverage blogs and social media posts to send out your message to the mass. They generally have a higher conversion rate and better impact. And the best part is, they are very easy to create.

You don’t need expensive gear or ideal locations to shoot. A computer, some research, and your expertise can help you generate leads and revenue in no time. It’s true that your content may be outdated soon, as the market keeps moving forward, but it’s also true that updating your blog posts is a rather simple process.

You can invest in outsourcing content writing if you have the budget. Hiring professionals to write content for you might be the best marketing decision you make for your business.


Content marketing is a timeless marketing strategy, and you cannot skip the process if you’re planning to thrive. We hope that you’ve gained useful insight into what is content marketing and how important it is to rank your website.

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  1. Content marketing is definitely here to stay. Content marketing definitely helps your SEO. The amazing point about content marketing is that it helps you build know, like and trust with your audience.

    Once your audience trust you, your site traffic will not only increase, your revenue will also shoot up.

    Thanks for this insightful post


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